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Synthetic Urine Kits

Synthetic urine is a product designed to be chemically similar to real urine. Why would you need fake pee? Maybe, you want to pull a prank on your friends. Perhaps, you need to pass a test, or maybe you have a medical condition you want to keep private.

Whatever the reason, you need artificial pee, and you need it now. Getting fake urine is easy. Using it to pass a test requires some finesse.

How Does it Work?

You’ll either get a liquid, or a powder that must be mixed in with water. It’s a simple enough concept. When you need to get your urine tested, you must substitute the fake stuff for your real sample.

Because urine is warm when it comes out of the body, it’s best to heat it just before the test. As a result, many kits come with heating pads to heat it to body temperature.

Will it Always Work?

That’s going to depend on a range of factors. If you buy a reputable brand, it should pass muster with a general urine test.

That’s not the issue. The issue is more how you’re going to get the fake stuff into your sample container. If you’re searched before entering the testing area, or if the test watches you pee, this could be problematic. That’s why kits may include a belt and props to help you fool the person watching.

Why Fake Pee?

There are a lot of ways to check whether someone is using drugs. The company could check a bodily fluid, like blood or saliva, or even hair. Urine testing is the quickest and least expensive of these tests, though, and so the most common.

Now, you could buy a clean sample from someone else, but can also be problematic. How do you know that the sample that you’re buying is clean? Are you sure it’s from someone who is the same sex as you are?

Using a woman’s urine in a man’s sample could prove problematic. Female and male hormones are different, and this could cause an issue if the tester believes that the sample is suspect.

Another alternative is to try and dilute the sample as much as possible by drinking a lot of water or soda. This approach could be effective if you have enough time to get every trace of the drug out of your system.

Getting the Best Results from Fake Pee

Your best bet is to start with an established brand like Monkey Whizz or UPass. There are a lot of fake products on the market, so stick to the better-known brands.

A good product usually has a shelf-life of around two years or so. Double-check the instructions as the powdered version’s shelf-life drops dramatically after it’s mixed. When you’ve gotten your order, make sure to store it at room temperature, at a constant temperature, and out of the sunlight.

Overall, these products can imitate pee quite effectively when they’re properly used, but make sure to stick with a reliable product, practice good storage technique, and know how you’ll use the sample during your test.