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Heating Pads for Urine Kits

Getting fake urine is simple enough. All you need to do is to put in an order online, and you’ll have it within a couple of days. Many reputable suppliers make fake urine that will hold up against most drug tests—that is unless the tech performing the test suspects that you’re trying to cheat the test.

Getting the fake urine into the testing area can be relatively simple with the belts and kits on the market today. You can even get fake genitalia in case the tech has to watch you while you pee. The tricky part is getting the urine at the right temperature.

Cold Pee Won’t Cut It

These kits are only effective if the tech believes that the urine is real and that the sample really is from you. That means getting the sample is only the first half of the equation. The second half is to warm it up to at least body temperature.

This, on its own, can be a tough task when you’re in the bathroom with the tech. You could heat the urine in the microwave, but what if you have to wait a while before actually handing over your sample? What if the microwave is not an option that’s available to you?

Fake Urine Heating Pads are the Answer

These urine warmers are simple to use and will stay warm for at least eight hours. All you need to do is to put it in place alongside the bladder with the fake pee in it and the shake to activate them.

How Do They Work?

The heating effect is thanks to a chemical reaction when the pads are activated. They’ll warm up fast and transmit the heat to the bladder safely and effectively. You can choose a heating pack with or without adhesive, as you prefer.

The self-adhesive packs can be attached directly to the urine pouch. If you choose a non-adhesive pad, you’ll need to strap it or tie it in place. A plain old rubber band works well for this purpose. A non-adhesive option is easier to use if you want to reuse the pouch. It won’t leave any residue.

The key is to make sure that as much of the heating pad comes in contact with the surface as possible so that the heat is relayed evenly.

Why Can’t I Just Zap it in the Microwave?

We’ve already gone over the fact that the microwave might not be handy when you need it. Another potential problem is that it’s difficult to get the temperature right this way. Not letting it get warm enough defeats the whole object.

On the other hand, if you overheat the pack, you could scald a very sensitive area of your anatomy. You could also end up ruining the urine itself if you accidentally bring it to a boil. The other danger is that heat from the microwave could damage the integrity of the pack.

Play It Safe

If you’re going to be using fake urine packs, you might as well get a few heating packs as well. These will cost a few dollars extra but will make the whole process a lot more convenient for you. Spectrum Labs and TNT pads offer a reliable alternative to microwave heating or hand warmers. They’ll stay warm for eight hours at a time and release a consistent heat that won’t scald you.