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Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure 2oz Synthetic Urine Kit


Ultra Pure synthetic urine manufactured by Ultra Klean proves a clean human urine sample in the comfort of your own home. Ultra Pure urine comes in two easy to carry sizes and is guaranteed to pass for both male and female users alike. The 2oz fake urine kit comes ready to use out of the box with a heating pad included and boast a 2-year shelf life. Simplicity is key with a full set of instructions included. (flip cap not included anymore)



Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine 2oz Kit

Most people might view the 2oz Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine kit as a specialty novelty product meant for use in elaborate bed-wetting pranks. While this is a common use of synthetic urine, the high-quality pathogen-free synthetic urine from Ultra Klean has multiple other beneficial applications. To start with, Ultra Klean synthetic urine makes this specialty product for use in an array of medical-related applications. For instance, Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine serves a critical role in the calibration of complex chemical analysis equipment calibration and comes in two sizes a 2oz and bigger 4oz synthetic urine kit.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. This article delves into the various real-world applications of Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine. Read on to get a comprehensive grip of the wide array of beneficial uses that this synthetic urine from Ultra Klean offers.

Healthcare-Related Uses of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine

Medical-related uses of Ultra Klean’s Pure Synthetic Urine revolve around the significant role that urine has in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various medical conditions. A comprehensive lab analysis of the appearance, composition and concentration of urine allows doctors to conclusively diagnose diabetes, kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and other ailments.

A valid urine analysis, or urinalysis, can only be achieved using properly and precisely calibrated medical analysis equipment, with competent and competent to oversee the analysis. It is at this juncture that Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine becomes a must-have product.

  • Analysis Equipment Calibration

Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine is perfect for use in calibrating chemical analysis equipment because it features precise quantities of the different constituents of real human urine. The various high-quality analysis-grade ingredients include uric acid, urea, sulphates, chlorides, phosphates, and creatinine.

Using a synthetic urine whose exact composition is known and verifiable enables lab techs to accurately fine-tune the functional parameters of chemical analysis equipment to perfection. Consequently, Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine plays an irrefutably important role in chemical analysis equipment calibration.

  • Medical Teaching and Training Aid

Competent medical laboratory technicians are not only students who have acquired their skills through practical hands-on training, but practitioners who repeatedly practice the techniques of their trade. As a result, Ultra Klean’s pathogen-free analysis-grade synthetic urine is an invaluable aid in the laboratories of major medical colleges and universities across the US. Students use Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine while learning various hands-on and machine-aided analysis techniques.

After medical school, comes internship, and eventual employment, a period which requires the dedicated and specialized urinalysis technician to develop his/her skills to perfection. Consequently, Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine has become regular day-to-day item in many public and private medical facilities across the country.

Quality Control Applications

Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic urine occupies an integral niche in the quality control departments of major detergent, diaper, sanitary pad, and fabric manufacturers. This synthetic urine’s remarkable similarity to real urine in consistency, composition, and concentration, makes particularly suited for simulating urine stains, material degradation, and other adverse effects on the consumer products,

Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine is used for assessing the efficiency of liquid and powder detergents in removing urine stains. Exposing material fabric used in making diapers, pads, and kid’s clothing to Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine allows the analysis of material degradation effects of human urine This Ultra Klean product is an ideal substitute for testing the liquid retention ability of diapers.

Workplace Applications

Every state in the US currently admits to experiencing a rampant increase in both illicit drug use and misuse of legally purchased prescription drugs. This dire situation is further complicated by a growing American populace advocating the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana. In response, many corporate bodies are resulting to mandatory drug screening as a way of curbing drug use in the workplace.

The outcome is that these compulsory drug tests are making it considerably harder for many capable, qualified, but inexperienced graduates to secure long-term employment. And that is not all. Mandatory urine-based drug tests now subject longstanding employees to the risk of job loss or demotion. What is worrying is that companies are firing people for marijuana use even in states where the drug is legal.

Fortunately, Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine is the ultimate safeguard against mandatory company-enforced drug screening.

Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine and Mandatory Drug Screening

The job-securing salvation offered by Ultra Klean’s synthetic comes from its composition, concentration, consistency, and appearance which precisely match urine from a healthy adult. All that is required is to purchase a 2oz bottle of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine, storing the synthetic urine till the due date of the drug screening, and substituting your urine with Ultra Klean’s product.

Using the 2oz Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine Kit

The 2oz Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine kit comprises of a squeeze top plastic bottle synthetic with pre-mixed synthetic urine in a, a temperature strip around the bottle, a reagent-powered heating pad, and rubber band.  Using of this Ultra Klean kit involves the simple steps outlined below. (flip cap not included anymore)

  • Start by shaking the contents of squeeze-top bottle to homogenously mix synthetic urine preparation.
  • After shaking the contents, microwave the bottle for 10 seconds to preheat the synthetic urine prior to slowly warming the liquid to human body temperature.
  • Next, squeeze and shake the heating pad to mix up its contents, wind the pad around the squeeze-top bottle, and hold it in place with the rubber band.
  • Leave the Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine for at least 30 minutes to allow the heating pad to gradually warm the liquid the optimal human body temperature range of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit (32 to 37 degrees Celsius)
  • Keeping checking the temperature strip until optimal temperature is attained, after which you can use Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine for any one of its specific applications.

Take Away

While the 2oz bottle of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine is the perfect novelty product for pranks, this Ultra Klean product has multiple other serious and beneficial uses. Applications of this high-quality synthetic urine range from urinalysis training to workplace drug screening. Consequently, buying the easy-carry 2oz bottle of this Ultra Klean product grants you a myriad beneficial use.


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