What We Do

When you need to protect your identity, you need a detox that will work, guaranteed. You can’t take any chances when jobs, opportunities, sports, or even relationships are on the line. If your goal is to disperse clean urine, clean your saliva, or detox your hair you want to be sure you can pass a toxin test with flying colors, you’re right where you need to be.

Our company is a seasoned detox dealer in the USA, who prides themselves in confidential fast shipping, excellent customer service, and effective products. It’s easy to enjoy sexual pleasure, pull a nice prank or pass a urine test when you shop with us. Whatever your detox need is, whether it’s fake pee, gum that removes toxins from your spit, or a drink that flushes your system—we have products that can help you fly under the radar.

Our Products

For great prices with guaranteed results, Our company offers sub-solution synthetic urine, herbal one-shot concentrates, saliva detox gum, hair detox shampoo, plus refills and other related items. These can remove or mask toxins that are unwanted in the body. If you are looking for a more realistic urination experience, we offer incognito urine devices and a fake prosthetic penis (in different skin tones) that can do the tinkling for you.

All our merchandise is safe to use, undetectable, and realistic. Our devices are easy to use, and our detox solutions typically work the same day. The limited prep work means you can be ready for a drug test usually with just one day’s notice. You’re welcome!

Shipping and Privacy

When you find the perfect item for your needs, we’ll ship it to you fast and in an unmarked box, so no one snooping around knows what you are up to. Your privacy is very important to us so we’ll never share your information with anyone. Period. If you have any questions about the shipping process, call us at 866.420.4566 or contact us by email at Buyfakeurine@gmail.com.

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