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Hair Detox Shampoo

If your boss has decided to start testing your hair for drug residue, that’s bad luck. A hair drug test is more difficult to pass because drug residue remains in human hair for around 110 days. This test not only tells the company what you’ve been using but also how much you use.

It’s also possible to test positive if you’ve been around people smoking weed. The hair follicle absorbs particles from the air. So, even if you’re not smoking yourself, you could end up having THC in your hair.

Can These Tests be Beaten?

You’ll notice we said, “more difficult to beat,” not “impossible.” Here are some ways that you can try:

  • Abstinence: Not ideal because you’ll need to give a sample of ninety days of growth.
  • Shaving your hair: This could be good as a last-ditch effort, but it’s going to look suspect. Added to which, the company may fail you because they couldn’t get hair to test.
  • Home remedies: Remedies like the JerryG method have quite a following. They work by stripping the toxins from the hair. Unfortunately, they also damage the hair, and they’re not going to be able to strip out all the residue.
  • Hair Follicle Shampoo: These are products that work by coating the hair shaft. They can remove traces of residue from the outer shaft of the hair, but not from the inner shafts. What they do is to leave a film on the hair that disguises the presence of residue.
  • Detox Drinks and Pills: There are also detox pills and drinks out there. These won’t do a thing to get rid of the residue in your hair because the hair shaft is no longer living tissue and has no blood supply after it’s grown out of the follicle.

What’s the Best Method to Beat These Tests?

As we mentioned above, your hair is not living tissue. That means that you could drink gallons of water without it having any effect. Your best option is to use a detox shampoo like Clear Choice that disguises the residue.

How Long is it Effective For?

Detox shampoo is most effective in the first hour after it’s administered, but the effects will last for up to eight hours. So, washing your hair in the morning before heading out to work is your best option here.

Clear Choice is the best product for this purpose because the company guarantees it to be effective for that eight-hour window.

How Do I Use the Shampoo?

It couldn’t be simpler – just wash your hair as you usually would, allowing the product to soak in for at least five minutes. Then rinse it out and follow up with the Purifier. The Purifier needs to stay on for at least fifteen minutes before being rinsed out.

From there, towel-dry your hair but don’t use any heat styling tools on it. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Hair tests are notoriously difficult to beat, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Detox shampoos can be an effective solution.