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Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo

If you’re wondering how to pass a hair follicle test, then you’re right where you need to be. This type of test is more difficult to pass because drug residue remains in human hair for around 110 days. This test not only tells the company what you’ve been using but also how much you use.

It’s also possible to test positive if you’ve been around people smoking weed. The hair follicle absorbs particles from the air. So, even if you’re not smoking yourself, you could end up having THC in your hair.

Can These Tests Be Beaten With a Detox Shampoo?

You’ll notice we said, “more difficult to beat,” not “impossible.” Here are some ways that you can try:

  • Abstinence: Not ideal because you’ll need to give a sample of ninety days of growth.
  • Shaving your hair: This could be good as a last-ditch effort, but it’s going to look suspect. Added to which, the company may fail you because they couldn’t get hair to test.
  • Home remedies: Remedies like the JerryG method have quite a following. They work by stripping the toxins from the hair. Unfortunately, they also damage the hair, and they’re not going to be able to strip out all the residue.
  • Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo: These are products that work by coating the hair shaft. They can remove traces of residue from the outer shaft of the hair, but not from the inner shafts. What they do is to leave a film on the hair that disguises the presence of residue.
  • Detox Drinks and Pills: There are also detox pills and drinks out there. These won’t do a thing to get rid of the residue in your hair because the hair shaft is no longer living tissue and has no blood supply after it’s grown out of the follicle.

What’s the Best Method to Beat These Tests?

As we mentioned above, your hair is not living tissue. That means that you could drink gallons of water without it having any effect. Your best option is to use a drug detox hair shampoo like Clear Choice or Rescue Detox that disguise the residue.

How Long is it Effective For?

Detox shampoo is most effective in the first hour after it’s administered, but the effects will last for up to eight hours. So, washing your hair in the morning before heading out to work is your best option here.

Clear Choice and Rescue Detox are the best hair detox shampoo because the manufacturers guarantee it to be effective for that eight-hour window.

How Do I Use a Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo?

It couldn’t be simpler – just wash your hair as you usually would, allowing the product to soak in for at least five minutes. Then rinse it out and follow up with the Purifier. The Purifier needs to stay on for at least fifteen minutes before being rinsed out.

From there, towel-dry your hair but don’t use any heat styling tools on it. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Hair tests are notoriously difficult to beat, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Detox shampoos can be an effective solution.

More FAQ’s

Can You Pass a Hair Follicle Test by Bleaching Your Hair?

Bleaching can be an effective, albeit time-consuming and damaging, way to pass a hair follicle drug test.

When you use an illicit substance, molecules and metabolites from the drug enter your bloodstream. Consequently, trace amounts of the drug metabolites are present in your hair follicles and strands, where a hair drug test can detect them.

A hair follicle drug screening can identify the presence of drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, opiates, and marijuana for up to ninety days after consumption, which is why many organizations prefer this testing method.

Bleaching can reduce the presence of a drug’s metabolites in your hair by 40% to 80%–but bleaching your hair only once may not be sufficient. Many guides, such as the Jerry G method, recommend bleaching at least twice and using a detox shampoo in between sessions.

The downside is that bleaching can cause considerable damage to your hair because it raises your hair’s outer cuticle to allow full penetration by the bleaching agent. The more times you bleach your hair, the worse this damage will become. In fact, if you bleach your hair too many times, it may “melt” or fall out in patches.

After bleaching, you’ll also want to dye your hair back to a more typical color for you (unless you are usually a bleach blonde). Testing facilities have gotten wise to the bleach method and will sometimes take samples from elsewhere on the body if a tester has freshly bleached hair.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Clean Hair Follicles?

Apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy to remove traces of drug metabolites from hair. In theory, apple cider vinegar can clean your hair follicles – not only of substance metabolites, but also styling products, dead skin cells, and oil.

How does apple cider vinegar clean hair? A hair follicle screening tests for metabolites like THC-COOH, which is present in high concentrations in the sweat glands of the scalp and, consequently, the hair follicles and strands.

Because of apple cider vinegar’s acidic nature, it opens the outer layer of the follicle, called the cuticle, and neutralizes the drug metabolites underneath. The liquid also flushes out some of the metabolites.

Apple cider vinegar doesn’t penetrate the inner layer of the hair follicle. As a result, it may not remove all metabolites of a substance, especially if you a regular user. If the drug traces in your hair is relatively low, however, washing it with apple cider vinegar may work.

When selecting an apple cider vinegar product to clean your hair, look for an organic, unfiltered version of the product with no synthetic agents. Wash your hair with three tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and leave it in for around thirty minutes while wearing a shower cap.

If you are a heavy user who consumes a substance like THC, say, once a day, washing your hair with apple cider vinegar is very unlikely to be sufficient.

How Do You Choose the Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo?

When shopping for hair follicle detox shampoo, look for a product that’s well-rated and includes proven ingredients. The most crucial consideration is the formula, which should be up to date and effective.

The ingredients to look for in a detox shampoo formula include propylene glycol, which is easily absorbed by hair and effective in removing toxins. Ideally, the product should also contain aloe, an ingredient that reduces the damage that cleansing ingredients can do to your hair.

Additionally, you should only select a product from a reputable manufacturer. Knock-off detox shampoos will not remove all drug metabolites from your hair, and they can do extensive damage to your hair. The risk of allergic and adverse reactions is also higher with these products.

Another consideration to take into account is the window of effectiveness. You may not always know when your employer will conduct a drug test, and you need a product that works fast.

Ideally, the detox shampoo should also include a purifier and conditioner. Additional products, such as a purifier in the package, typically increase the effectiveness of the shampoo. The conditioner will help to alleviate the abrasiveness of the cleaning agent in the product.

To ensure that you select a shampoo that effectively removes drug metabolites from your hair, thoroughly research each shampoo you are considering. Online reviews from previous users and product descriptions can be valuable sources of information.

How Does a Hair Test Work?

When you consume a drug such as marijuana, compounds like THC enter your bloodstream. Each hair follicle on your body has its own blood vessel to supply the hair cells with oxygen and feed growth. As a result, traces of the drug metabolites flow through the bloodstream into the follicle, where it can be detected during a hair follicle test.

A hair drug test typically takes place in a lab or healthcare setting. During a hair drug screening, the observer will remove the hair directly from your head, or ask you to do so while under supervision. You can’t submit a hair sample from someone else or an object like a brush.

There are various collection methods, but the collector will typically take a hair sample that is at least 1.5 inches long and as thick as a pencil lead. In most cases, the collector will use scissors to collect the sample before placing it in a foil and secure envelope. Then the sample will be mailed to a lab for testing.

Because of the nature of this type of screening, the observer or collector doesn’t have to be the same sex as you. However, a hair sample collection can be invasive, especially if you have no hair on your head, and the collector has to take hair from elsewhere on your body.

Hair tests give a longer detection time than any other type of drug screening. If your employer wants to know if you used drugs in the last few months, a hair test is likely the one that you will undergo. A negative result takes around 24 hours to confirm, and a positive result takes 72 hours or more to confirm.

Tips on Hair Care After Using Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo

Using hair follicle detox shampoo can cause damage to your hair, even if it is a high-quality product. These shampoos typically break down fatty acids on the hair shaft, which leaves it susceptible to damage from chemicals, heat, and the sun’s UV rays.

After using hair follicle detox shampoo, don’t use any products for at least 48 hours. Your cuticles are fragile and susceptible to further damage. You have to give your hair a chance to produce the natural oils it needs for protection and conditioning.

Use olive, coconut, or avocado oil to treat your hair after every wash. Leave the oils in your hair for three to six minutes, and rinse. This treatment is only necessary once or twice per weak, and you can also use a leave-in conditioner every day to moisturize your hair.

Your aftercare regime should also include protein treatments to repair your hair. An at-home protein mask is an affordable and convenient option. Look for masks that contain keratin, and apply it to your hair every night for one week.

Because your hair is brittle after a hair follicle detox shampoo, you should be careful when brushing or combing it. When your hair is wet, it is particularly susceptible to damage. Use a soft microfiber towel to blot your hair dry before brushing it, and don’t rub your hair.

Using hair follicle detox shampoo can also cause split ends that can affect the entire hair strand if not addressed. Ask your stylist to cut your split ends to prevent this from happening.

What Else Can I Do to Pass a Hair Follicle Test?


The most effective way to pass a hair follicle drug test is to stop using THC and other illicit substances for at least 120 days before the test. It is not always possible to know when you will have to undergo a hair follicle test, so this method may not be an option for heavy users.

Shave Your Hair

Most testing facilities require a hair sample that is around 1.5 inches long. If you are desperate to beat a drug test, you can consider shaving your hair. If the collector can’t take a sample from your head, however, they will ask you to remove hair from elsewhere on your body, so you will have to get rid of all your hair. Shaving your hair is not always a viable option for ladies, and your employer may become suspicious if you shave all your hair before a hair follicle test.

DIY Detox

This method involves stripping drug metabolites from your hair with products such as bleach or following the Majuco or Jerry G methods. These at-home detox methods are not always sufficient to remove drug strains, and they can cause damage to your hair.