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What is the Difference between Drug Screening & Drug Testing?

Drug testing and drug screening are frequently used interchangeably. However, both are related but not interchangeable. While both are meant to check traces of illegal drugs in persons, the procedure, timing, and cost are usually different. Drug testing takes longer, is thorough, and a bit expensive, while the drug screening takes shorter. Drug screening will cost about $10, while drug testing can go up to $200 or more. While drug testing can take 1 to 7 days to get the

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What Is Powered Urine and Does It Really Work?

Employers, employment agents, and even sports bodies use urine to test whether you've been using drugs. Like many people who might have wondered what powdered urine is and whether it's worth your time or not, you are in the right place. In case you have wanted to detox your body for a given pre-employment drug test, but you are short of time. Most employers only notify you of this requirement a day or two before the test. If that’s the

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Urine Tests for Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you may need to undergo urine tests to check for high blood sugar levels, kidney disorders, or diabetic ketoacidosis. Urine test for diabetes is a non-invasive procedure that can be safely taken at home. A health practitioner can use a urine test if your veins are inaccessible or you fear needles. Though less accurate than blood tests, urine tests still play a critical role in monitoring the health status of individuals with diabetes. This post seeks

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Urine Drug Testing Facts That Will Surprise You

Nowadays, drug testing is becoming increasingly common within various environments, including the workplace. The most common being the urine drug test, which is used by many employers in the US. Urine drug screening reveals the presence or absence of alcohol and substance metabolites in a person’s urine. These metabolites are drug residues that remain in the body for some time even after the drug effects wear off. The test can be administered as part of pre-employment screening, employee post-accident evaluations,

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Is Synthetic Urine Illegal in the United States?

You might be wondering is synthetic urine is illegal in the United States, if so, this article is for you. There have been mixed thoughts on whether synthetic urine is banned in the US. What is Synthetic Urine In case you are new to this, synthetic urine is an artificial version of human urine. It’s made by mixing water with other constituents such as yellow coloration, salts, and creatinine to give it the traits of human urine. Synthetic urine is

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How to Read a Urine Drug Test Results

A urine test can be carried out at home, during pre-employment screening, or in a rehabilitation center to rule out the presence of certain drugs in the body. The authorities may also carry out the test when they suspect drug abuse in an individual. It's essential to follow the test instruction before starting the procedure. Unlike other tests such as a pregnancy test, a second colored line on the test kit indicates that the results are negative. There should always

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