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Synthetic Urine Belt

Many companies in the United States make a clean test part of their conditions of employment. That means that smoking a bit of weed at the weekends might have the same consequence for you as it does for a hard drug user – no job.

It hardly seems fair. After all, if you’re just a casual user, and would never get high at work, so your work is not going to be affected. Should you really be treated the same as a hardened drug user?

Synthetic urine was developed for just such an instance. It allows you to test clean, and you can get on with your life. If you choose a good brand, it’s a pretty good solution—that is if you can fool the tester into believing that it was your sample in the first place.

Synthetic Urine Bladders are a Potential Solution

Obviously, storing the fake pee on you is a good solution. It means being able to smuggle it into the testing facility more easily. You can even find urine belts that come with a complete kit to ensure that it looks like you’re peeing.

How Do These Kits Work?

It’s pretty simple; you strap the belt to your waist. The bladder will come with a tube that runs down the body, as close to the urethra as possible. Some kits even come equipped with a fake penis, in case the tester is required to watch you pee.

Can’t I Just Make My Own?

Of course, if you don’t want to shell out for the whole kit, you can make your own. You’ll need a strong bladder to store the urine in, and a tube to deliver the urine. You’ll also need some form of a heating pad to ensure that the “urine” is at body temperature.

You’ll then need to strap the bag and heating pad to your body so that you can walk right past the tester. You’ll also want to get a syringe to help you fill the bag after it’s been used.

A Bought Kit is Not Going to Set You Back Much

A home-made kit will be fine for the odd test or two. If you’re going to have to submit to regular testing, we’d advise buying a kit made for the purpose. That way, you know that the bladder won’t burst accidentally and that the heating pads won’t scald your skin.

If you have to pee in front of the tester, then a kit that has fake genitalia is your best option.

Can This Really Help Me Pass?

That’s going to depend on how closely the tester is watching and how good the fake pee is. Fortunately, the testers do need to give you some privacy. They’re not going to get all that up close and personal.

If you practice your technique beforehand, you could easily get away with it.

From there, it’s down to how good the sample is. If you use a good brand and ensure that it’s heated to the right temperature, you’re bound to beat the test.

At the end of the day, the urine belt is only really going to help you pass off the fake urine like your own. You need to make sure that you use a high-quality kit like the one from Monkey Whizz or Clear Choice. These are both companies with an established track record. These kits will last many years if properly taken care of, and the urine is pretty close to the real thing.