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Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure 4oz Synthetic Urine [BIGGER]


Synthetic urine in a bigger 4 fluid ounce bottle? The bigger Ultra Pure synthetic urine kit produced by Ultra Klean offers four ounces of their famous privacy saving fake urine formula. Each kit comes with a full set of instructions, a 8 -hour heating pad and boast a 2 year shelf life when stored at room temp. (flip cap not included anymore)

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Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine 4oz Kit

While Ultra-Pure synthetic urine is exceptionally ideal for use in elaborate bed-wetting planks, this specialty product has multiple other more serious applications. First and foremost, the primarily reason why Ultra Klean manufactures such as high quality synthetic urine is to comply with the stringent requirements of medical-related applications. In the medical field, the two main uses of this Ultra Klean product are equipment calibration and work-related urine testing.

Furthermore, Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine is an invaluable teaching tool in the classrooms of many major medical colleges and universities across the US.  Students use this synthetic urine product when learning how to properly carry out urinalysis and other related medical procedures such as dialysis. And that’s not all when it comes to real-world uses of synthetic urine.

This article takes a detailed look at the various beneficial uses and applications of Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine.

  • Medical Test Equipment Calibration.

The biggest challenge to using real human urine for equipment calibration is addressing the inevitable discrepancies in composition, concentration, and consistency even amongst healthy individuals. Consequently, using real urine leads to biased and erroneous results during real-life use of medical test equipment. These flawed results can, in turn, cause doctors to misdiagnose a medical condition or even fail to come up with a conclusive diagnosis.

Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine allows lab techs to effectively avoid the above undesirable outcomes by serving as a perfect substitute to real human urine. This Ultra Klean product contains precise quantities of the different natural constituents of real urine, such as chlorides, sulphates, phosphates, creatinine, uric acid and urea. The precise composition of Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine makes it easy to achieve accurate and unbiased calibration in medical test equipment.

  • Teaching and Training Aid.

Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine is an invaluable teaching and training component in educational institutions offering healthcare-related courses. Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine is used in laboratory setups to teach urinalysis, a prerequisite procedure in the diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of many medical conditions and ailments.

In a medical teaching laboratory, Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine acts as a pathogen-free and contamination-proof substitute to real urine. This substitution is possible due to the synthetic urine’s remarkable similarity to urine obtained from a healthy human adult. Consequently, Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine ensures that students learn how to correctly interpret results related to the appearance, constitution and concentration of patient urine samples.

  • Consumer Product Testing.

Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic urine has significant role in the product testing arena, with detergent, diaper, and fabric manufacturers as major users of this product. The product’s identical consistency, composition and concentration to human urine, ensures is exhibits identical staining, corrosive, saturation, and other important service life-related effects during testing.

Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine is, therefore, ideal for assessing the stain removal efficacy of both liquid and powder detergents. This speciality product is also an adequate substitute for testing the liquid retention capability of diapers, and the gradual urine-induced deterioration of natural and synthetic fabrics.

  • Workplace Drug Screening.

The spiraling drug pandemic affecting every US states is a major reason why more and more companies are now enforcing mandatory urine-based drug screening. While this measure is meant to curb the adverse impact of drug addiction on job productivity, it is more likely to aggravate the current rate of unemployment in the country.

These mandatory drug tests have made it undeniably harder for qualified but inexperienced graduates to find salaried work. Furthermore, longstanding employees now face a growing risk of job loss or demotion upon failing a compulsory drug test at work. Even though abrupt drug testing is illegal in most US states, employees have no choice but to comply with scheduled drug screening.

Fortunately, Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic offers anyone scheduled for a mandatory company-ordered drug test an easy and convenient way out. The salvation takes the form of the product’s outstanding similarity to real urine. The product precisely mimics the composition, concentration, consistency and appearance of urine obtained from a healthy human adult.

Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine and Mandatory Screening.

Utilizing the job-securing benefits of this Ultra Klean speciality product requires the purchase a 4oz bottle of Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine on the manufacturer’s website. You can then store your synthetic urine purchase for up to 3 months in readiness for the scheduled urine-based drug screening. On the other hand, a job seeker is best prepared by having an Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine kit at hand prior to medical reviews.

On the due date, simply substitute you urine with pre-warmed Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine to guarantee that you pass the drug screening. Consequently, Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine not only helps job seekers find long-term work, but longstanding employees can use this product to secure their position at work.

Using the 4oz Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine Kit.

The 4oz Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine kit consists of synthetic pre-mixed urine in a squeeze top plastic bottle, a temperature indicator strip around the bottle, a self-powered heating pad, and rubber band. Proper use of this kit involves following the simple steps outlined below. (flip cap not included anymore)

  • Begin by shaking the contents of squeeze top bottle to ensure flow and mixing of the synthetic urine.
  • Next, microwave the bottle for a max of 10 seconds to initiate the gradual heating up of its contents.
  • Upon removing the bottle from the microwave, mix up the contents of the synthetic urine heating pad by shaking it, wind it around the bottle, and secure it in place using the rubber band provided.
  • Repeatedly check the reading on the attached Temperature Strip until the optimal temperature range of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit is achieved.

Note that the heating bag contains non-toxic chemical agents that slowly react to release the heat needed to warm up the synthetic urine to a human body temperature range of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (32 to 37 degrees Celsius). Also, note that heating the synthetic urine can take between 40 to 60 minutes without microwave preheating.

Take Away.

Ultra Klean’s Ultra-Pure Synthetic Urine is truly a speciality product with multiple beneficial applications. Uses of this high quality synthetic urine include fun and elaborate planks, medical test equipment calibration, teaching and training in medical fields, and workplace drug screening. Simply buying a 4oz bottle of this Ultra Klean’s synthetic urine ensures you can benefit from the products stability and design.


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