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Monkey whizz Synthetic Urine Belt


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Monkey Whizz is a top seller synthetic urine device! This company have been helping people for over 15 years.

Here are some of the main features:

  • 100% adjustable kit  the urine tube can be cut to any desired length and the belt fits up to a 54″waist
  • easy to hide – when worn by female users, the tube is ran down their rear end “butt cheeks” to remain unseen
  • easy to use – ready to be used right out of the box, just follow our
  • highest quality pre-mixed unisex fake urine that is toxin and disease free
  • organic heat pads – while other brands’ kits only include one, this Monkey Whizz Kit includes two self-adhering heat pads, which will activate with just a couple of shakes and will keep the right temperature for up to 8 hours.
  • impossible to detect – the substance contains the same elements as human urine and, when exposed to the air, the Monkey Whizz urine grows bacteria and behaves just like real pee.

The box contains the following:

1- Pre-mixed bag with over 3.5oz unisex synthetic urine.

2- Temperature strip to help you monitor the temperature of your monkey whizz urine.

3- Adjustable 100% cotton elastic belt, fitting up to a 54″waist.

4- Two organic heat pads, specifically designed to keep your artificial urine at the ideal body temperature of 94-96F.

5- Complete Monkey Whizz Instructions.



Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Kit: What’s included in it?

  • Creatine or creatinine
  • Correct uric acid
  • Urea
  • Balanced pH
  • Correct specific gravity
  • Foam like real urine
  • Right color and scent

Instructions For Use

  1. Open up the heating pad (Japanese instructions)
  2. Activate the heading pad with a couple of good shakes – in this way, it will start getting warm.
  3. Stick the heating pad to the bag, between the bag and belt (opposite side of the temperature strip).
  4. Secure the Monkey Whizz belt around your waist (under all your clothing). The temperature strip should touch your skin – your body will help maintain the temperature of the artificial urine. The urine tube should be pointed towards the floor – if the tube is too long, you can cut it to the desired length. Please remember not to cut it too short as you may find it difficult to empty the urine into the cup.
  5. Wear the kit for 1 hour before use, to allow the target temperature to reach 98°-100° degrees.
  6. Before submitting the sample, check the strip to make sure the temperature is correct. Afterwards, unfasten the white clips and drain the lab grade urine into the cup. Please remember not to put too much, 2 or 3 ounces is more than enough.
  7. Job done! Just wait for the results… and get ready to celebrate!

Please Note: other brands’ artificial urine can be heated in the microwave, but Monkey Whizz by Serious Monkey Bizness cannot be microwaved. This could alter the temperature and make the sample invalid.

Things to remember While Using Monkey whizz Synthetic Urine Belt:

  1. Do not keep checking on the temperature – doing this will make the synthetic urine cool down (as also mentioned in most monkey whizz reviews).
  2. Once you open and activate the heat pads, they will maintain the right temperature for 8 hours.
  3. Each heating pad is not re-usable, and can only be used one time only.
  4. In order to heat up and keep a warm temperature, the urine bladder bag needs to in contact with your skin.
  5. Monkey Whizz Kit is not re-usable and can not be refilled.
  6. If you use the provided heat pad, the urine will not over heat. It will reach the right temperature and maintain it for around 8 hours.
  7. Do not panic if the heat pad does not get hot – this is absolutely normal. These heat pads are specifically designed to get slightly warm.
  8. Do Not Microwave


What Ingredients are included in Monkey Whizz?

This product includes everything needed to mimic real human pee including creatine and uric acid and all the other elements found in human urine in the correct amounts. It also has the same color, smell and foaminess of genuine urine.

How long does Monkey Whizz formula stay warm?

Using the included heat pad is the best and easiest solution as it will keep the liquid at an optimal temperature [98º-100º]  for around 8 hours.

Why Can’t You Microwave Monkey Whizz?

We strongly advise against using a microwave for these kits. There are many different types of microwaves, with different settings and options which could get the temperature wrong or even damage the pouch. This could invalidate the sample and tamper with the results.

 Does the Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Belt work for both men and women?

Yes, the belt is designed to be unisex and the synthetic urine can be used by both sexes. The only way to identify if it was male or female pee would be to use an expensive DNA test which would be extremely unlikely. As long as the urine is at the correct temperature using the included heat pad, you are good to go! According to some monkey whizz reviews, women in particular find the urinator kit super easy to use and hide.

Does The Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine Kit Expire?

The kit has a lifespan of about one year from the date you purchase it as long as it is not exposed to air. You can also find a use by date on the bottom of the box. The reason it is given a shelf life of one year is that after around 18 months the urine will become darker in color and concentrated. This is due to water evaporating through the vinyl bladder. Given its long lifespan, you can buy the kit now and save it for future emergencies!

Does Monkey Whizz urine go bad if it freezes?

Although other brands’ fake urine can be put in the freezer, we strongly advise against doing that. This process can alter the composition and properties of some elements, creating more room for error and making it potentially detectable by labs. The kit needs to be kept at room temperature.

What are the Benefits of this Product Containing Bacteria?

According to monkey whizz reviews, once it leaves the body all human urine grows bacteria and this product will grow bacteria just the same as the real thing. Monkey Whizz doesn’t use biocides to keep it fresh but instead it is sterilized. Once it’s exposed to air it will start to grow bacteria naturally just like  real urine.

Does Monkey Whizz Work?

In short, Yes, Monkey Wizz works. This Brand has created a product which has helped hundreds of people pass their urine tests. Given the excellent results, we can confidently say that Monkey Whizz Kit does work just like Serious Monkey flask! This is due to its composition, which is exactly the same as the human pee. It even grows bacteria once exposed to the atmosphere, just like the real thing. During the testing process, a variety of elements are analysed – these are all included in our Monkey Whizz product, making it impossible for labs to notice the difference between natural and artificial urine.

Where is the store that sells monkey whizz near me?

You should buy Monkey Whizz formula from authorized online dealers only. They provide various shipping options and 100% confidential packaging, so you can keep your privacy always protected. They also have overnight deliveries to help you in emergency situations. Please bear in mind that convenience stores or other unauthorized websites might offer similar products at a hugely discounted price. This type of products are not scientifically tested and, therefore, they can be detected by labs – so we highly suggest that you stay away from them. Don’t run the risk.

1 review for Monkey whizz Synthetic Urine Belt

  1. Ryan

    I have used this kit several times and it’s worked every time. I’d highly recommend this if you have an important lab test coming up. #420smoker

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