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Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine


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Sub solution urine enables you to protect your privacy with confidence—guaranteed to test as real clean unisex human pee!


Clear Choice Synthetic Urine – Main Features
  • works for both men and women
  • suitable for all types of tests
  • easy to use
  • contains a combination of natural ingredients which will make it look like real urine
  • boasts a guaranteed success rate if you follow the directions

The Clear Choice synthetic urine kit includes: 

  •         A 3-ounce mixing container
  •         A package containing the synthetic urine mix
  •         User instructions

Out of stock


Have a drug test coming up, and don’t think you’ll pass? Don’t risk it—synthetic urine is the most effective way to pass a urine drug test, and one of the best options on the market is Clear Choice Sub Solution.

What is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Sub Solution is synthetic urine that has the same chemical characteristics, appearance, and smell as real urine.

Sub Solution differs from pre-mixed synthetic urine products in that it is dehydrated, and you have to add water before use. Mixing the powder with water will produce a liquid that is similar to human urine on a molecular level and will allow you to pass your drug test.

This solution is suitable for both men and women. Many people who regularly use synthetic urine regard this brand to be the best on the market due to its complex formula and ingredients, such as uric acid.


When shopping for synthetic urine, the formula used is a crucial buying consideration, as the mixture has to resemble the characteristics of real human urine accurately. If a sample doesn’t contain the right ingredients, a lab will immediately know that they are dealing with a synthetic product.

Sub Solution contains all the ingredients that are present in human urine, including:

  •         Creatine
  •         Uric acid
  •         Urea
  •         Potassium
  •         Sodium

Urea and uric acid are the most important ingredients. In addition to having the right ingredients, the Sub Solution also has a realistic pH level and specific gravity (relative density), as well as a realistic smell, color, and foamy appearance.

Another advantage of Sub Solution is that it contains no biocide, which is a chemical that other synthetic urine manufacturers often add as a preservative. Testing facilities may test for the presence of biocide to ensure that the samples they receive are real.

How to Use Sub Solution

If you want to pass a drug test using Sub Solution, you have to follow the user instructions carefully. Most of the users who have left negative Sub Solution Reddit reviews didn’t pay careful attention to the directions, and the testing facilities rejected their samples.

To ensure that the collector accepts your sample for testing and the lab doesn’t flag it as suspicious, follow the directions below:


If your employer practices randomized testing, keep the synthetic urine mix with you to ensure you have it on hand on the day of your test. Don’t open the package containing the mix or mixing container until you are preparing for the test, as contact with the air can result in bacterial growth.

On the day of the drug test, remove the mixing container and synthetic urine sample vial from the packaging. Then, remove the screw cap from the mixing container and fill it with lukewarm water to just under the cap.

Add all the contents of the synthetic urine vial to the water, screw the cap back on, and agitate the container gently until the powder dissolves and the liquid becomes clear. After mixing the Clear Choice Sub-Solution, you have eight hours to submit the sample, so plan accordingly.


Urine leaves the body at a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, and testing facilities will accept any urine sample with a temperature between 90- and 100-degrees Fahrenheit. If your sample’s temperature is not within this range, the collector may not accept it for testing.

Check the temperature strip on the mixing container. The temperature of the liquid should be as close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit as possible. If you don’t see a reading, it means that the temperature is below 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature is between 98°F and 102°F, place the container underneath your clothes to keep it warm until you have to submit it for testing. If the temperature is lower than this range, use Clear Choice heat activator to increase the temperature. As a rule, the colder the sample, the more heat activator you have to add.

Temperature levels lower than 88°F require one-third of the heat activator, and temperatures between 88°F and 92°F require one-fourth of the activator. After adding the heat activator, shake the container to dissolve it and check the temperature strip again. If the liquid is still colder than 92°F, add a little more heat activator.

If you accidentally add too much heat activator, place the container against a cold surface, while keeping an eye on the temperature strip. The heat activator will not affect the chemical properties of your sample.

Don’t put the container in direct sunlight to heat it, as the UV rays will affect the sample’s chemical structure. Ideally, you should also avoid using a microwave to heat your sample. The safest way to heat the mixing container is with the heat activator. You can keep the mixture warm with a heating pad or even just your body heat.

Filling the Specimen Cup

At the time of the test, be sure to conceal the kit in your underwear as the collector may check your pockets. You might also consider an artificial urination device, such as a urine belt or fake penis, if you are concerned your testing facility may require a supervised sample.

Before placing your sample in the collection cup, check the temperature strip to ensure that the temperature of the liquid matches your body heat. Lift the capped spout and pour the content into the specimen cup. Don’t forget to take the packaging with you, again, in your underwear.

Why Clear Choice Works

Sub Solution is the product of choice for regular smokers because of its complex formula and realistic chemical structure. If you prepare the mix properly and submit it for testing without incident, it is highly unlikely that a lab will find out that your sample is fake.

Clear Choice’s authenticity is the result of its realistic ingredients and the absence of biocide. In fact, Sub Solution is so realistic that many testing facilities use it to calibrate their urinalysis equipment.

There is no difference between the powder and pre-mixed solutions from the same brand in terms of realistic characteristics and quality. A pre-mixed product, such as Quick Fix Synthetic urine, may be somewhat easier to prepare, however. On the other hand, dehydrated urine generally has a longer shelf life. The best option comes down solely to your personal preference.

Shelf Life

Your Sub Solution should have a shelf life of at least six months. Check the packaging for the expiration date to ensure that you don’t submit an expired product. When you open the packaging containing the mix, the product will expire within 24 hours, so don’t open it until the day of your test.

Improper storage, such as in direct sunlight, may also reduce the longevity of this product. Aim for a dark, cool place, such as a drawer.

Other Uses

Synthetic pee is useful for more than passing drug urinalyses. Clear Choice Sub Solution can also be used for:

  •         Testing diaper fabrics
  •         Medical research
  •         Calibrating urinalysis equipment
  •         Testing and demonstrating the effectiveness of cleaning products
  •         Urine therapy
  •         Educational purposes
  •         Pranks

Buy Your Sub Solution Today

BuyFakeUrine.com is a reputable and authorized supplier of Clear Choice Solution products. In addition to having high-quality Sub Solution synthetic urine for sale, we also offer discreet shipping and billing to protect your privacy.

When it comes to urinalyses, don’t take any risks. Using Sub Solution will increase your chances of passing your test significantly. Buy your Clear Choice Sub-Solution urine kit today.

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