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Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine Device


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Monkey Dong Fake Urine Device

The monkey dong urination device is the most realistic synthetic urine device. And it is now available at half the price! The Monkey Dong uses a silent technology to deliver a real-life urination experience. With lab-grade urine delivered with a pinch of the prosthetic penis. With 6 lifelike colors to choose from the Monkey Dong is ready to use right out of the box with guaranteed results.


Using one hand, and pinching the tip of the Monkey dong, you will release over 3.5 ounces of lab-grade pee. This contains both urea, uric acid, and smell. The Monkey dongs elastic belt can fit up to a 54″ waist and has the ability to be reused over and over again. With synthetic urine so clean not even your doctor can tell the difference we ask you to compare prices online and see why the Monkey dong schools the rest! contains the correct uric acid, ph, color, foam & scent

What Makes The Monkey Dong Superior!

The Monkey Dong is the highest quality strap-on urinating device on the market and it won’t break your budget just like Monkey whizz fake urine belt. Playing naughty in the bedroom or pulling a prank is not just about “clean pee” it’s also about temperature, Ph, foam, urine color, dick color, silent valve & leak proof. The Monkey Dong has taken all these vital aspects into consideration not to mention the price is ½ what you pay for the other urination devices out there cost.


  • Correct uric acid
  • Correct liquid color
  • Correct amount of foaming
  • Correct ph
  • Correct specific gravity
  • Realistic prosthetic penis
  • Correct skin tones
  • Internal silent squeeze valve that can be operated with only one hand
  • External safety valve to prevent premature discharge
  • Made with medical grade materials
  • No vinyl smell
  • Belts are made with high quality woven elastic (fit up to a 52” waist)
  • Temperature strips have large easily read numbers
  • Heat pads are specially made to run at body temperature (not hand warmers that overheat)
  • Heat pads are self-adhesive (not rubber bands)
  • Provide the best customer service
  • 800 number on the box
  • Same day shipping
  • Discrete shipping
  • Secure shopping
  • Credit card fraud protection
  • Privacy protection
  • Fair price! (usually 1/2 the price of other devices)

What Makes Your Synthetic Urine Superior

Ours is the best synthetic urine available. We have the most complete formula. It has all the chemicals that real urine has, except for DNA. Our competitor’s urine is mostly only water, cretin and coloring. We do not use biocides to keep it fresh. Ours is sterilized so, when it is exposed to the atmosphere, it will grow bacteria, just like real urine does. This is particularly important if the sample is sent on to a lab – the lab will expect it to have grown some bacteria over the several days it takes to get to them.

  • Correct uric acid
  • Correct color
  • Correct amount of foaming
  • Correct ph..
  • Correct scent

This product is to be used in accordance with all local state and federal laws and is not to be used for lawful administered drug tests.




1- VIAL OF DEHYDRTAED SYNTHETIC URINE (contains urea and uric acid



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White, Tan, Latino, Brown, Black

1 review for Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine Device

  1. G vig (verified owner)

    I bought the monkey dong and the fake urine,it definitely works,a little tip,put the temperature where supposed to be before putting it in the resovoir

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