//Monkey whizz dehydrated urine

Monkey whizz dehydrated urine

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Top of the line dehydrated synthetic human urine reacts and feels like real urine when used as directed. When mixed with approximately 80 to 90 ml/cc (2.5 to 3.0z) of bottled water the Monkey dehydrated urine is lab grade and guaranteed to pass any test!


Used by both male and females this lab grade pee can be injected in the Monkey dong synthetic urine device. Purchase additional units as a back up because they have a full 1 year shelf life. When mixed it contains the correct uric acid, ph, color, foam & scent

DO NOT open the vial until ready for use. The dehydrated urine will absorb moisture the air causing the contents to clump and slow the dissolving process when it is reconstituted.

When reconstituting the urine, mix with approximately 80 to 90 ml/cc (2.5 to 3.0z) of bottled water




3 reviews for Monkey whizz dehydrated urine

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    Worked EXACTLY as directed, what a wonderful thing to have handy!! Will 100% continue purchasing this product ?????

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    Pee pee McGee

    Phenomenal! Worked as advertised. Will definately keep in stock

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    Ryan M.

    Easy and affordable way to refill my monkey dong urine kit. I highly recommend you use bottled water with the dehydrated urine however if it’s headed to a lab.

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