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While more and more states across the nation are legalizing marijuana every year, many employers continue to require drug testing. If you regularly use cannabis or other illicit substances, these screenings can be a headache—you could lose your job and source of income.

If you want to pass a urine test, Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is the way to go.

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What is Monkey Whizz Urine?

Monkey Whizz is dehydrated synthetic urine. When the dehydrated powder is mixed with the right amount of water, the resulting liquid has the same appearance, smell, and chemical properties as real human urine.

There are several uses for this product, but its realistic appearance and chemical structure make it ideal for passing a urine drug test. The process used to dehydrate the mixture makes no difference to the chemical characteristics, provided that you only hydrate the powder with bottled water.

If you plan on submitting this product as a sample for a urinalysis, you must follow the instructions to a T. When researching Monkey Whizz, you might come across negative reviews from previous users who failed their tests with this synthetic urine.

In most cases, however, these people didn’t pass their screenings because they didn’t pay careful attention to the instructions. Reasons you may still fail a drug test with Monkey Whizz include:

  •         Not submitting the sample at body temperature
  •         Exposing the liquid to direct sunlight
  •         Submitting an expired sample
  •         Not adding enough water

When properly hydrated and heated, though, Monkey Whizz is a very reliable method for passing a drug test. If you’ve never used it before, we do recommend ordering a spare pack, so that if you make a mistake preparing the first sample, you have a back-up.

Instruction for Use

After purchasing your dehydrated Monkey Whizz, keep the vial closed until the day you have to undergo the drug test. If the bottle is open for four hours or more, it will start absorbing moisture from the air, which will result in clumping.

Keep the powder with you so you can use it in the case of an unscheduled drug test. Store the vial in a dry, dark place such as a drawer or handbag. When you receive notification of a urinalysis, take the bottle out and follow these instructions:

Mix with Water

Open the vial and reconstitute the powder by adding 80 to 90 ml/cc (2.5 to 3 ounces) of bottled water. It’s important not to add too little or too much water, as it may raise a red flag with the lab.

If you’re in a pinch and don’t feel comfortable just estimating based on the number of ounces in your water bottle, your standard 16.9-ounce water bottle lid holds approximately one teaspoon of water, so 15 to 18 capfuls will be around 2.5 to 3 ounces of water.

Don’t use tap or toilet water, either, as it will alter the realistic chemical structure of the mixture. For instance, city water may contain chlorine, fluoride, or other substances that, while safe to drink, would not usually be found in human urine. Toilet water may also contain cleaning chemicals, which on that note, do not attempt to mix Monkey Whizz during your test. Toilet water will not be at the proper temperature.

Once hydrated, the mixture’s properties will accurately represent those of real pee for up to 24 hours. After this period, bacteria will start growing, and a lab will reject the sample. 


The next step is to heat the liquid to a realistic temperature. Urine leaves the body at a temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. A collector will accept any sample within a temperature range of 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have a lot of time before the test, keep the sample under your clothes against your body, where your body heat will increase the temperature to an appropriate level. If time is not on your side, microwave the sample for ten seconds or use a Monkey Whizz heating pad (sold separately) and keep the sample under your clothes to prevent it from cooling down.

You may also need to use a temperature strip to make sure that the sample is in the proper temperature range.

Submitting Your Sample

When it is time for the drug test, keep the sample in your underwear when you enter the bathroom. Don’t put the bottle in your pocket, as the collector may find it during a body search. When you have privacy, take the vial out and ensure that the liquid is at body temperature. Then, empty the bottle into the testing facility’s sample container.

You may have to fill the sample container under the supervision of the collector. Consider using a Monkey Dong synthetic urination device so you can deliver the sample without raising suspicion no matter what testing protocol your facility uses. Our Monkey Dong kits include everything you need, including Monkey Whiz synthetic urine belt, heating pads, and the urination device itself. 


Monkey Whizz contains all the ingredients of real urine, and a lab’s testing equipment will not flag your sample as fake. These ingredients include:

  •         Urea
  •         Uric acid
  •         Creatine
  •         Chloride
  •         Potassium
  •         Sodium

In addition to having the right ingredients, dehydrated Monkey Whizz synthetic urine also has a realistic pH level, specific gravity, and all the chemical markers that labs check. The dehydrated product doesn’t contain water, of course, which is the most prominent ingredient or real urine, but you add that during the preparation process.

Why Monkey Whizz Really Works

This is because of its realistic formula, transparent appearance, and smell. The manufacturer produces it in a lab environment under highly controlled settings. Monkey Whizz is so realistic that some labs use this product to calibrate their equipment!

When properly prepared and stored, there is no way for any lab to determine that your sample is fake—whether you’re male or female. Monkey Whizz is suitable for use by both genders and users of any age. While real human urine can differ based on gender, health status, and age, the aspects tested during a drug test don’t differ at all—and Monkey Whizz mimics all those points that are tested flawlessly.

Product Shelf Life

Dehydrated Monkey Whizz has a shelf life of one year, which is long in comparison with similar products—an advantage of dehydration. To find out when your product expires, check the “use by” date on the bottom of the box.

Keep in mind that opening the package will also cause the product to expire before the expiration date. Dehydrated synthetic urine is similar to a carton of milk. When you open the vial, the exposure of the powder to the air will result in bacterial growth, and you have to use it within twenty-four hours after mixing the powder with water.

Improper storage, such as in direct sunlight, can also cause premature expiration. 

Other Uses for Monkey Whizz

Most people purchase synthetic urine to pass urinalysis, but there are other uses for this product as well. Other applications of Monkey Whizz fake urine include:

  •         Medical equipment calibration
  •         Urine testing in educational settings
  •         Medical research
  •         Testing fabrics that manufacturers use in diaper production
  •         Testing and demonstrating the viability of cleaning products
  •         Pranks

If you need dehydrated synthetic pee for any of the above applications, Monkey Whizz is a more than viable option. However, if you are undergoing medical testing for your health, don’t use synthetic urine. The composition of your urine provides valuable information about your health that your doctor will need to provide you with medical advice—any drug use included.

Dehydrated Synthetic Urine is the Same as Liquid Products

Many people prefer the premixed Serious Monkey Flask Urine, but there is no difference between the hydrated product and the dehydrated powder in terms of realism or quality. There is, however, a difference in terms of preparation, as you have to add water to the powder before use. The hydrated powder and premixed liquid are exactly the same otherwise.

Choose BuyFakeUrine.com as Your Monkey Whizz Supplier

At BuyFakeUrine.com, we are a reputable supplier of dehydrated Monkey Whizz synthetic urine, and we provide our clients with complete privacy and confidentiality. When you buy from us, you can also rest assured that you will not receive an expired or knock-off product—we’re an authorized retailer and take pride in our products.


3 reviews for Monkey whizz dehydrated urine

  1. Kirstin

    Worked EXACTLY as directed, what a wonderful thing to have handy!! Will 100% continue purchasing this product ?????

  2. Pee pee McGee

    Phenomenal! Worked as advertised. Will definately keep in stock

  3. Ryan M.

    Easy and affordable way to refill my monkey dong urine kit. I highly recommend you use bottled water with the dehydrated urine however if it’s headed to a lab.

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