//Serious Monkey Flask Urine

Serious Monkey Flask Urine

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The Monkey flask is the pre mixed version of our famous synthetic urine you have read all about!
With 3.5oz of human like synthetic urine in every bottle it is as easy as warming and passing!

The Monkey Flask Kit contains:
1- 3.5ox synthetic urine bottle (with temperature strip mounted)
2- 8 hour organic heating pad
3- set of easy-to-follow instructions

*Buy 3 Monkey Flask Kits and get the 4th one for FREE!* Simply checkout with 3 and we will handle the rest!


The Monkey Flask Urine contained in the kit has a shelf life of 2 years. So you can keep it at home and use it whenever you have a test coming up.
This pre mixed version is the same as the dehydrated version we just beat you to the mixing.

How To Use Monkey Flask

1-Open the kit.
2-Heat the container until it reaches the desired temperature.
3-Attach it to your leg.
4-Go to the testing facility and put the liquid into the collection cup.
5-Job done!
Once opened and exposed to air the synthetic urine must be used within 48 hours to ensure no bacteria starts to develop.


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