Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in fact many companies require synthetic urine products for many types of testing. For example, mattress and diaper testing, fake urine samples for machine calibration in the medical field, and novelty related adult fields often require human grade urine without the presence of toxins.

In agreement with our terms of conditions and privacy policy outlined at checkout. All users confirm they are of the legal age of 18 and agree to use these products in accordance with all local state and federal laws in which you reside. For further clarification please see our full user agreement in the link below.

Depending on the brand the spectrum varies, Quick Fix 6.2 and Monkey Whizz for example have a full two-year shelf life. Other brands such as Sub Solution and dehydrated forms of fake pee which must be prepared by the user must be used with 24 hours to ensure the validity of the sample is not compromised by excess bacteria.

No in fact synthetic urine is balanced with human characteristics for both genders, the creatine levels, Ph, gravity, color, urea and uric acid will fall in line with normal human levels. Furthermore, due to transgender privacy laws labs are excluded from gender related testing.

No, at no time should fake pee be ingested this could make you very sick. However, at we do sell just about everything detox related. Some products such as detox drinks and complete detox kits that do require ingestion. Always review your detox product instructions in full prior to using and if you have any allergies or questions please consult your primary physician prior to use.

Yes if you warm your synthetic urine sample and do not end up needing it no need to panic, simply let the sample cool back down to room temperature and you can repeat the process again later.

No, in fact the Oral Clear saliva neutralizing gum taste like your average mint gum line. For optimal results make sure to avoid all toxins for at least 24 hours prior to use for passing results.

In short yes, if you follow the directions you will have a passing result when submitting a hair follicle sample to a lab. Please click on our product link to read our full guide and instructions for use:

The synthetic urine delivery devices listed above will fit any waist between 26-42” in diameter. The elastic band is designed to stretch and securely fasten with the Velcro provide on the belt.

Pass indeed, our company have many years in the detox industry and through clinical testing we know what works and what does not. In the highly unlikely event you do not receive passing results all we require is a valid copy of your ID accompanied with your test results.

All orders placed Monday- Friday by 3PM Pacific standard time (CA time) will be shipped out the same day via FedEx or the United States postal service. We currently offer 4 shipping options with Express overnight being an option for those who are in a pinch and need their detox products fast. Please see our shipping page for logistics shipping times.

All orders placed through the website will be billed as pee pack LLC the shipping is something we promise to keep completely under wraps. All orders will be discreetly shipped in a plain package with a label that reads Ca Logistics for your complete privacy.

Due to acts of nature beyond our control we do not offer refunds for weather related delays or delays due to carrier errors. We do our best in the winter months to display current adverse weather conditions across the U.S. but this can be out of our control. If you are unsure of your current weather pattern feel free to call us and we will gladly recommend a service or logistics company that can get your item delivery in a timely manner.

Unfortunately due to customs regulations and extended shipping time frames we only service the United States market. If you have any questions regarding products usagevor potential locations abroad that carry these lines please contact us direct @ [email protected] we offer live assistance Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm pst.

Yes, in fact many small businesses and cannabis clubs across the U.S. carry our products. Please send all email inquires titled wholesale or give us a call for our most current promotions at discounted pricing.