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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Leg Strap


This neoprene synthetic urine strap will take the guesswork out of any drug test. The innovative Velcro straps on the Quick Fix 6.2 model keeps your fabricated urine sample close to your body, so it remains at body temperature until the moment of truth.

The QuickFix bottles are the perfect size to slide comfortably into the straps that hold the samples securely in position. With a lightweight and efficient design, you will be able to hide your urine bottle from any onlooker. When it’s time to deliver your sample, you can walk into your drug test with confidence.

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Thanks to its innovative neoprene support belt, this synthetic urine strap is at the top of the drug-test game. Regardless of why you are drug-tested, it’s never been easier to keep you in the driver’s seat. The stealthy design and innovative temperature-control capabilities make this a fantastic tool. Its intelligent design fits discreetly around your thigh, and the Velcro straps make it easier than ever to adjust its position for maximum comfort.

The importance of keeping the temperature of your synthetic urine between 90-degrees and 100-degrees Fahrenheit cannot be overstated. The ingenious design of the QuickFix synthetic urine leg strap makes that temperature control a cakewalk. So, you can rest assured you’ll have a realistic, body-warmed sample for your test.

With this forward design, you no longer have to worry about using a heating pad or enduring a day-long ordeal of keeping your urine sample in your pocket to maintain the perfect temperature. This innovation is hailed as a breakthrough alternative to the ways of yesteryear.

When you purchase a synthetic urine strap, it has to be dependable. Whether it’s to meet a pre-employment requirement or a reverberation from legal trouble, there is usually a lot on the line with a urine test. There’s no room for error.

You’ll find a variety of other synthetic urine straps on the market. But many of them comprise flimsy material that could do you more harm than good. Keep in mind that some companies focus more on quantity than quality, leaving a lot of room for error. That’s not the case with our Quick Fix 6.3. These straps employ top-quality material that will stand the test of time – and get the job done.

Read on for three of the most common questions and answers about the Synthetic Urine Strap.

Can the heating pad be used alongside the synthetic urine holder?

Using a heating pad can help speed the heating of your urine sample, but it typically is unnecessary. Because our synthetic leg strap keeps the sample close to your body, it draws innately from your body temperature. It’s the most natural way to keep your sample at just the right temperature.

That said, you can never be too careful. If you face a test during colder months, it might be challenging to keep your sample warm. If the outside of your clothes gets too cold, your sample may take on some of that chill.

Nonetheless, the neoprene leg strap will help keep your fake-urine sample snug and in prime position to absorb your heat if you keep yourself warm. It was designed to demonstrate simplicity and efficiency, with all outside factors taken into consideration. We realize that drug-testing standards require that all samples be between 90-degrees and 100-degrees Fahrenheit because that is the natural temperature of the inside of your body. This strap will help you accomplish that temperature-control. Everybody makes mistakes, but they don’t have to ruin your life.

Can this urine strap fit a 2-ounce and a 3-ounce Quick Fix bottle?

Absolutely, this product is a perfect fit for a 2-ounce and 3-ounce bottle. And thanks to the Velcro makeup and durable composition, it will be easy to keep the bottles safe and sound until the moment of truth. To expedite the warming process, we recommend that you put the bottle in the microwave for a brief period, just before you head out to take the test, but don’t overheat it.

Will the urine strap be visible under my clothes?

No, the synthetic urine strap will not be visible beneath your clothing. With the precise positioning of the strap, it will hide discreetly between your thighs. Also, this positioning is essential to keep your fake sample at the perfect temperature, because this area of your body is naturally warm. Don’t worry, the bottle will be nicely hidden from prying eyes, so you can remain confident and comfortable moving forward with your test.


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