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Purchase Quick Hide Stash Underwear Now! You don’t want to miss out on the perks of the Quick Hide pocket underwear. Order this product for the easy and unsuspicious submission of synthetic urine samples. You can also stash your valuables in this underwear when attending public functions or traveling, keeping them safe from pickpockets. Please note the Quick Fix is not included, and can be purchased separately. 

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What Is Quick Hide Pocket Underwear?

Your wife has just announced you have to take an emergency urine test, and this has got adrenaline rushing all over your body. Maybe your medical school is about to conduct a drug test, or your insurance company says no cigarettes.

The above, and other situations where drug tests are necessary, are utterly worrisome, especially if you recently took a bong-hit or are an alcoholic or regular smoker. Submitting your natural urine samples almost guarantees a fail.

Fortunately, synthetic urine can help you navigate around drug tests. The product is made to mimic the composition, characteristics, and chemical properties of real human urine.

Delivering your synthetic urine sample without arousing second-guesses can be daunting. Luckily, Quick Hide has got you covered with underwear in which you can safely stash your synthetic urine and personal items without attracting attention.

How does Quick Hide Stash Briefs Work?

Quick Hide stash briefs resemble your regular briefs, except that it comes with a secret pocket at the front. The key advantage is that your belongings cannot be detected or easily seen when stashed in the Quick Hide pocket briefs, even if it’s the only piece of clothing you have on your body.

Besides, you can wear this product with any clothing types, without having to worry about the discovery of your secret item. When it comes to delivering synthetic, put the bottle in deep into the quick-to-access pouch. You only need to walk into the test lab confidently as if you’re submitting a natural, toxin-free sample.

Helps to Maintain Realistic Urine Temperature

Maintaining a practical temperature is critical when delivering synthetic urine to a lab. The recommended temperatures for a urine sample lies somewhere between 90-100 degree Fahrenheit. Too low or high temperatures may draw suspicion from the lab official, and this may eventually give away your cheating tactic.

Quick Hide underwear helps you avoid such embarrassment by maintaining a realistic temperature, further guaranteeing favorable results. The fabric keeps the bottle close to your skin, warming the synthetic urine to temperatures within the expected range.

Accessible, comfortable, and durable

You will love the unmatched comfort of the Quick Hide Stash Underwear. It’s made of soft and largely breathable fabric that makes it an ideal product for layering. It has a soft feel and fits snugly to the body, taking comfort to another level.

If you ever tried stitching a pocket on your conventional briefs, you understand how awkward such stuffed pouches can feel. Quick Hide pocket briefs allow you to carry around your bottle of synthetic pee without you feeling the extra load.

Accessing the Quick Hide pocket is effortless. You can quickly stash and retrieve the urine bottle without struggling with a zipper or buttons. Besides, the fact that the pocket lacks a zipper makes bottle retrieval a noiseless mission, further enhancing the secrecy.

Quick Hide stash underwear is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. This makes it a durable piece of clothing that can be washed and worn repeatedly without losing its core function and comfort. The stash underwear is also eco-friendly and easy to machine wash at about 30 degrees Celsius.

Who can Wear Quick Hide Stash Underwear?

Quick Hide pocket briefs is a unisex product, and is available in the following waist sizes;

Large: 32-34 inches

XL: 36-38 inches

XXL: 40-42 inches

You can layer this product with any clothes, including jeans, pencil skirts, workwear, and shorts. (Urine bottle not included sold separetly)

Additional Uses

Quick Hide underwear is pickpocket-proof. You can stash your valuables, including phone, car keys, wallet, and money in the pouch without forming a bulge in the front. It’s an ideal safety clothing piece for sports events, crowds, festival, rave, and travel.

Note that this product is not returnable once purchased.

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Large: 32-34 inches, XL: 36-38 inches, XXL: 40-42 inches


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