Does Powered Urine Really Work

Employers, employment agents, and even sports bodies use urine to test whether you’ve been using drugs. Like many people who might have wondered what powdered urine is and whether it’s worth your time or not, you are in the right place. In case you have wanted to detox your body for a given pre-employment drug test, but you are short of time.

Most employers only notify you of this requirement a day or two before the test. If that’s the concern you have right now, you’re in good stead if you bring powdered urine into the picture.

Let’s go straight to the point. Powdered urine is genuine urine but with some difference. The main difference is that unlike your natural urine, this is dehydrated urine and comes in the form of a powder. The good thing is that you can find powdered kits available and purchase at an affordable price.

But you’ve heard about synthetic urine, but you are not sure how it differs from dehydrated urine. Consider the following.

Let’s start with the more obvious variety of urine, which is synthetic pee. The name puts it right; this is fake urine made using chemicals and artificial ingredients which do not pass for real urine. The chemicals and ingredients are only made to impersonate urine.

And there is no shortage of companies manufacturing this artificial urine; they are even adding uric acid to their products to make them mimic natural urine just like many people use it. But testing labs are also upping their game by coming up with measures to help them identify this kind of urine.

You can imagine what this would mean to you and the employer or testing agency when they realize you have been using drugs and trying to cheat the system by presenting fake urine and passing it as genuine urine. All the trust they might have on your will vaporize. You become a cheat even before you get the job.

There are many compelling reasons why more people are opting out of fake urine and turning to powdered urine for these all-important tests. The greatest of these risks is that many states have blacklisted synthetic urine; they’ve banned it altogether. Other states are doing the same by preparing legislation to outlaw the use of this kind of pee.

It’s clear why an ever-increasing number of people is turning away from synthetic urine. It’s not worth the risk. Powdered urine is taking a significant role in helping people like you to pass these drug tests.

Powdered Human Urine, as mentioned earlier, is genuine urine. This fact means you don’t have to present fake urine samples to the testing lab. In itself, this reality relieves you of all the anxiety associated with presenting fake, artificial pee. You can safely depend on this urine to clear your drug test without worrying about legality issues.

With this urine, you can easily hide whatever you want from your employee. Yes, you don’t want them to know about a given health condition you have or some previous drug usage and much more.

Does it Really Work?

The best persons to tell you whether these urine works are verified purchasers of the product. These are people who have bought and used this product. And their reviews give a resounding answer. Powdered pee works. But just with about everything else, you have to strictly follow the kit’s instructions and the straightforward tips highlighted there.

Powdered Urine Kit Instructions

What most users find about these instructions is that they are simple and straight to the point. Just for informational purposes, consider the following as a highlight of these instructions.

  1. Pour the powdered human urine from the vial into the tube.
  2. Gradually fill the tube with water before screwing the cap tightly. Shake the mixture and ensure all the powder is dissolved such that you see no traces of it.
  • Open the heater package then peel off the paper of one heater.
  1. Stick the paper to the backside of the tube opposite the temperature strip.
  2. Before experimenting, ensure the temperature of the urine reads right. It should be between 90 – 99 degrees Fahrenheit

Tricks to Getting Excellent results from the Powdered Urine Kit

  • Before you lead a pee test simulation, you MUST check that the powdered pee test is between 90-99 degrees Fahrenheit. An example outside of this temperature range could bring about an invalid examination.

It is suggested that you start your experiment with the water being at room temperature instead of using hot or warm water. The heater you get in the TEST CLEAR Powdered Urine Kit raises the water temperature to the ideal 90-99 degree Fahrenheit range. It’s also suggested that you use just a single heater to raise the water temperature, except if you are under the pressure of time to do it.

  • In case you don’t see any temperature reading on the temperature strip, this doesn’t imply that it is broken; it just implies that the temperature is either excessively hot or excessively cold. The temperature strip is the best segment of the Powdered Urine Kit; it is profoundly precise and reusable.

If the pee is excessively cold, use the heating pad to raise the temperature to the ideal range. If it is excessively hot, eliminate the cap from the powdered pee sample and the heater and then blow on it to bring down the temperature.

  • It is helpful to have some experience bringing down the powdered pee sample’s temperature in anticipation of your test. Work on bringing down the temperature by emptying boiling water into the cylinder and afterward tenderly blowing on it until it returns into the ideal temperature range.

Significantly, the radiator isn’t excessively near the temperature strip, or the strip will gauge the warmer and not the water, and subsequently, you will get a mistaken perusing. You can utilize an elastic band or sticky tape for a cozy fit between the radiator and the cylinder.

Don’t take the warmer off the cylinder to keep up the temperature in the ideal 90-99 degree extent. Possibly eliminate the radiator if the pee is excessively hot, i.e., 100 degrees or above.

  • One drawback is that the warmers are single-use, so you should be sure that your test will be proceeding before using them. Extra heaters cost extra. However, it helps conditions where a test gets deferred, and you have to raise the temperature again to the ideal range.
  • If your pee drug test requires more than 50 ml, you can take a little vial of water with you to weaken the example up to 75ml, which won’t bring about any adverse effects. Be aware of the temperature range when you dilute the sample. Any suspicious temperature range can be the difference between the success and failure of your efforts.
  • A digital thermometer can come in handy to help you measure the temperature range of your powered urine sample, as an extra measure to confirm the temperature scope of the powdered pee test.

How to Use Powdered Urine in a Monitored Drug Urine Test

Drug tests can be tricky. There are times you don’t have the kind of secrecy you would want to all the above. You have to take a monitored test. If your test is going to be monitored, you have to be very discreet when it comes to getting your urine sample from wherever you’ve hidden it. The same is the case when moving to the specimen cup without being caught.  Use your wisdom and discretion but be extremely careful.

Where Can You Buy Powdered Urine Kit

You can buy your Powdered Urine Kit from TEST CLEAR. Their kits are inexpensive and easy to use. The kit comes with the following:

  • A vial that contains the powdered urine
  • A 50-ml plastic medical vial with a blue cap
  • A temperature strip attached to the vial
  • Two air-activated heaters.

Final Thoughts on Dehydrated Urine

Prolonged abstinence is the best way to pass your urine drug test. However, for tests that don’t give you sufficient time to detox, the powdered urine trick is the best way to overcome this obstacle. It works.

It’s not that this method doesn’t have its fair share of challenges, especially when the test has to be monitored. That’s where extreme caution is crucial. However, it’s still worth a trial if you know what it means to you.