Real whizzinator xxx vs Monkey Dong vs Urinator

Urination devices… sounds interesting huh? Well, in the world of urine testing procedures, these slight differences can be the actual difference between passing or failing your urine test. With a current market flooded with these urination devices despising fake pee the real answer is what works and what does not? Now let’s first start with all the different things you can do with these devices starting with the most common first.

SweetPee urination device

  • Passing a urine test
  • Pee pleasure for you and your partner
  • Protecting your DNA in a paternity test
  • Pranking your friend, lets piss on his shoes
  • Clean urine therapy, let the good times flow

Now looking at the list we have compiled we can all agree on one thing, 99% of the people who use a urination device to dispense synthetic urine AKA the real whizzinator xxx, Urintor, pissinator or Monkey Dong ETC….are trying to pass a urine test. Now to shoot the common user straight we have tested each of these puppies out and have compiled our best product review based on these three factors listed below. And yes based on your research and decision these urination devices and urine belts can be purchase direct from our online store

Real Whizzinator XXX Urination Device

First up on our review board is the Real Whizzinator XXX now this product looks like something shot out of the 1960s. Combing over the products’ online forum reviews and testing it out gives us a better understanding of why. The prosthetic penis looks lifelike and comes in a few different colors but the whole idea of having to place the reservoir bag under your armpit and apply pressure to release the urine is just plain silly and could create some unwanted noise when in use. If you’re into Pranking your friends or urine therapy this might be a good fit. With the price ranging from $99.00-$109.00 plus shipping and we cannot feel comfortable recommending this product until they show some improvement. We grade this overall set up with a C.

Urinator by Innovative Research Technology

Next up on our Review trial is the Urinator, this product produced by Innovative research technology is a battery-operated device. The product is lightweight but it is lacking one key component the “penis” the instructions on this puppy is pretty straight forward you can digitally control the temp of the urine for a few hours which is cool if you know when your test is but let’s be honest if there is no prosthetic urine dispensing the urine you might be in a bit of trouble with the pee-pee police. Our overall opinion of this product is slightly better than the urinator kit mentioned above but not by much. The Urinator’s overall design is unique but it lacks the most important piece. The ability to keep the urine warm for hours is limited and there is no way it can be run through a metal detector undetected. Priced at $149.00 you will have to add some batteries, synthetic urine, and heating pads along with some shipping fees. At this time, we cannot recommend this product and we grade the Urinator device with a C+

urination devices

Monkey Dong – Highly Recommended

Finally, on our extensive urination device product review is the newest product in the bunch. The Monkey Dong produced by Serious Monkey Bizzness. Now receiving the box from these guys, the first thing we noticed is its packaged very well and shipped discreetly. The options on this puppy are endless they offer light white, white, tan, Latino, brown and black… Yes, I would say that pretty much covers it unless you are from outer space. Now on to the stuff that makes this guy a winner. From first glance this thing looks like a real penis, I’m talking lifelike veins feel color and all. If you are trying to pass a urine test this is your go-to kit. The Lab grade synthetic urine that comes with this urinator kit successfully passed the E-cup dip test and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry test we had it ran through at Quest Diagnostics in CA. The interesting thing about the Monkey Dong product by Serious Monkey Bizness is that it has the ability to pass through a metal detector, this urinator has a silent touch method for urine release and can keep the lab grade synthetic urine warm, for 8-10 hours. Now for the icing on the cake, this urinator kit is priced lower than the competition and is manufactured in the good old USA with phone support. We gathered a little additional info of their website that seals the deal for us “Please note that all of our synthetic urine products contain the correct uric acid, ph, color, foam & scent”

Overall Score on this urination device is Highly recommended with an A-. They currently produce a female and or male synthetic urine version named Monkey whizz. Checkout and buy Monkey whizz today.


Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine Belt


We hope you enjoyed our online review, We simply deliver our honest opinion regarding the products listed above and do not condone drug use nor engaging in illegal activity using the following products. The real whizzinator xxx, the Urinator or the Monkey Dong urine delivery systems.