dilute urine

You’ve done it! After rounds of interviews, the company has decided to offer you a job. The position is everything you could hope for, and you are brimming with positivity until they casually mention the phrase “routine testing.”


There have been ways to get around urine testing [1] since the invention of the tests themselves. One of the most popular options is fake pee, which you use to fill the sample container. Another option is dilution, which involves adding water to the pee to make the detectable chemicals less likely to appear.

Advantages of Synthetic Urine

High Passing Rate: There is much riding on whether you pass a urine drug or not. Some companies, like Quickfix urine, almost guarantee that you will come through unscathed. The synthetic urine product claims a 99.9 percent success rate against urine testing [2], with the deviance attributed to user error.


Realistic Appearance and Smell: The best fake pees are formulated to include most of the same components as the real thing. These elements include creatinine, urea [3], and proteins, as well as the correct measurements for pH and specific gravity. The result is a hyper-realistic pee that even boasts the same foamy finish.


Works for Both Men and Women: There are chemicals in urine that reveal whether the sample is from a man or a woman. Fortunately, it is rare for a drug test to use those markers because they are mostly irrelevant. When you do use synthetic urine, however, it is better to be sure, and you can relax knowing your gender won’t be a complicating factor.

Drawbacks of Synthetic Urine


Requires Temperature Monitoring: The human body regulates at 98.6 degrees, and urine is at that temperature or slightly cooler. You may have to warm the urine to the right temperature before submitting it. Most people use a microwave or hand warmers to add heat, but the extra step can be a hassle.


The Legality of Synthetic Urine Is Questionable: The legality of fake urine varies from state to state with 18 states outlawing it altogether. There are even examples of states prosecuting urine sellers and others making the sale of the fake pee a felony, like in Illinois and Kentucky. The potential ramifications are enough to make anyone reconsider as many people nowadays know how to make fake piss.


Cheating Drug Tests Carries Consequences: This statement is obvious, but it bears mentioning. No matter how confident you are in your ability to use synthetic urine, there is always a risk of being caught. For this you should know how to conceal synthetic urine. Urine test dilution can be included in this category, and it can lead to serious consequences, such as being fired from your job.



Advantages of Dilution


It Is The Most Straightforward Option: In the same way that ice cubes are an old-fashioned way to dilute alcohol, adding water to your urine sample dilutes the concentration of detectable drugs. This process takes a matter of seconds, and once you have submitted your diluted urine sample, you can get on with your day.


Dilution Is Inexpensive: Wherever you find water, you can dilute your urine—conversely, synthetic urine costs around $40 for three ounces of fluid. Dilution is the winner in this category by a country mile.

Drawbacks of Dilution


Proper Dilution Is Hard to Measure: Unless you have immaculate measuring skills, it is hard to

know how much water to drink. Too little can leave you vulnerable to a positive result. Too much water means you will have to retake the test.


Laboratories Will Know That You Diluted the Sample: An experienced laboratory technician will know when the urine test has been diluted. There are relatively narrow windows for pH levels [4] and specific gravity in the urine. Dilution can skew your sample right out of these parameters and immediately trigger a re-test.


Lower Passing Rate Than Synthetic Urine: While dilution is the most popular method, it is not the most successful. Since it is easier to identify than fake urine, it does not boast the same success rate (90 percent and above). If you want to guarantee a pass, a diluted urine test is not the most favorable alternative.

Final Thoughts

Does fake piss works? When it comes to picking one or the other, synthetic urine is the best option. The 99.9 percent passing rate speaks for itself, and fake pee has saved tens of thousands of people across the world. Synthetic urine might not be perfect, but it works because many companies do not perform validity tests on the samples.

Diluting is good as a last resort or a budget requirement. If you have abstained from drugs for a while, but are still concerned about a test, it can’t hurt to drink a large glass of water (or two) before the urine test. The lack of precision and limited success, though, are far from guaranteeing the results you want.


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