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Employers, courts, and sports officials are increasingly opting for saliva testing over urine drug testing, as it is easier and quicker to carry out. Saliva testing is also accurate and affordable, and it doesn’t require the use of a private restroom.

With oral fluid testing, the donor produces a sample under supervision, which means it is impossible to submit a synthetic sample.

If you regularly use an illicit substance, such as cannabis, a saliva drug test can have far-reaching consequences. In the case of a roadside or employee testing, you may lose your job or face prosecution.

With Klean Ultra wash mouthwash, however, you can easily pass a mouthwash drug test, even if you recently consumed a drug.

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What is Ultra Klean Saliva Detox?

When researching detox mouthwash products, the two names you may notice the most are Ultra Klean and Ultra Wash. These two products are the same. The full name of the product is Ultra Klean Ultra Wash mouthwash.

Ultra Wash mouthwash features the latest saliva cleansing solutions and immediately removes all the drug metabolites in your oral fluids. The Ultra Klean Saliva formula starts working the moment the liquid comes into contact with your saliva and the glands in your mouth.


The saliva cleansing ability of Ultra Klean is the result of its highly effective formula. Its primary ingredient is water, which is a medium for its components that include:

  •         Boron citrate
  •         Witch hazel
  •         Potassium chloride
  •         Magnesium sulfate
  •         Sulfate potassium
  •         Potassium sorbate
  •         Lithium sulfate
  •         Glycerine
  •         Peppermint
  •         Aloe Vera

These ingredients in Ultra Klean mouth wash work together to remove all drug traces and metabolites from your mouth for a duration of thirty to forty minutes. The ingredients are not toxic, but make sure that you don’t swallow the mouth wash, as it can result in nausea.

How Does Ultra Klean Mouthwash Work?

When you consume a drug, your body breaks the active ingredient down into metabolites. An example of an active ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a compound of the cannabis plant.

In the process of excretion, metabolites enter your bloodstream and then find their way to your oral fluids, sweat, stool, and urine. Your blood also delivers metabolites to your hair follicles, which is why a hair drug test can detect recent drug use.

A saliva drug test, as the name implies, is testing for drug metabolites in your saliva. During the test, you have to put a collector in your mouth, which will collect your oral fluids. The fluid will then be tested against a panel and show a positive result if there are metabolites present in your saliva.

There is a misconception that Ultra Wash Mouth Wash neutralizes all the toxins in your body, but this is not the case. When you swirl the Ultra Wash Mouthwash around in your mouth, it neutralizes the toxins that are currently in your mouth, which buys you some time to pass a swab test. If you are a heavy user, the toxins will reappear after a while as your body excretes them.

If you are a light user, however, there is a chance that the toxins that are currently in your mouth are the last in your body, and new metabolites might not reappear after using Ultra Klean Wash mouthwash.

Directions for Use


The user instructions for Ultra Wash Mouthwash are relatively straightforward, but you have to follow them carefully to ensure that it neutralizes all the toxins in your oral fluids.

There are several things you can do to optimize your chances of passing the test. If you know when you will undergo the test, try to abstain from using any illicit substances for as long as possible before the test. When you cease use, the drug metabolites in your bloodstream and saliva will slowly decrease. Even a top-quality product like Klean Ultra Wash might not be effective if you are using an illicit substance right before the test.

You should also brush your teeth several times before the test and rinse your mouth with a strong mouthwash to increase the effectiveness of the Klean Saliva Mouthwash. Drinking a lot of water increases your saliva production, which will increase the rate at which your body expels drug metabolites from your body. Additionally, don’t smoke or eat anything for at least four hours before delivering a saliva sample.

User Instructions

It is not always possible to prepare for a saliva test. For example, if law enforcement is conducting oral fluid drug tests next to the road, you don’t have time to take extra steps—Klean Ultra mouthwash is all you have.

That’s why after purchasing the Ultra Klean Mouthwash, it’s important to make sure that you have it at hand at all times. You can store the product in your car, handbag, or drawer.

If it is time for the test, start by making sure that you are alone. Remove the lid and pour only half the Ultra Klean mouthwash into your mouth.

Swirl it around in your mouth for approximately thirty seconds. Make sure that it comes into contact with all the surfaces inside your mouth. Then, spit the mouthwash out.

After cleaning your mouth with the Ultra Wash Mouthwash Klean Saliva, you will be able to produce a metabolite-free saliva sample for up to thirty minutes. If you followed the preparation techniques above, you might even be able to give a clean sample up to forty minutes.

Get Ultra Wash Mouthwash Today

Ultra Klean saliva cleansing mouthwash is a highly effective saliva cleansing method and will temporarily remove toxins from your mouth, even if you recently consumed a drug. If you want to pass your next saliva drug test, buy Ultra Wash mouthwash today. If you purchase Ultra Klean saliva mouthwash from us and don’t pass your drug test, you can use our money-back guarantee.


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