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Synthetic Urine Heating Pad- Non Adhesive


Spectrum Labs Heating pads are designed to spec with every Quick Fix kit. The heating pad is designed to fasten securely to your urine bottle via the provided rubber band included in the kit.


Hand warmers are the most common way of keeping your urine kit in the 92-99 degree range which is required in full spectrum urinalysis testing. This heating pad in a non adhesive pad that will provide a consistent heat source for 8-10 hours.

Now that you have properly heated the synthetic urine you might find hiding the product to be a dilemma. We recommend our neoprene leg strap as a great way to securely hide the urine bottle from plain view. This discreet Stash strap can be used with your heating heating pad as well to ensure proper temperature.


Spectrum Labs hand warmers are air activated heat pads, simply open the wrapper and shake the heating pad for 20 seconds to activate. Once activated place the heating pad on the bottle opposite the temperature strip to obtain optimal heating of the urine kit.

Each Kit is sold individually (1) heating pad non adhesive.



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