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If you regularly consume a substance like marijuana, urine tests can identify it. If you test positive, it can have a profound impact on things like your career and ability to earn an income.

The good news is that there are numerous options on the market to help you detoxify your body – even if there are traces of illicit substances in your urine. One of these options is the Quick Clear Detox Drink from Spectrum Labs.

This product contains natural ingredients and is available in two flavors – mango orange and blueberry açaí. Read on to determine whether the Quick Clear Detox Drink for Spectrum Labs is the ideal solution for you.

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About Quick Clear Detox Drink

Quick Clear Detox Drink is a very popular product from Spectrum Labs, one of the leading suppliers of goods to help people pass screenings. This particular product comprises 20 ounces of Quick Clear Detox Drink and eight quick-flush capsules to enhance the efficiency of the drink.

Unlike most detoxifying beverages, Quick Clear Detox Drink only hides traces of toxins in your urine and saliva. With that in mind, this product is not ideal if you want to detox for health reasons, even though it contains no harmful ingredients.

When you consume Quick Clear, there is a “clear zone” during which your urine will contain no traces of toxins from substances like nicotine and marijuana. If you must take a urine test after this window of opportunity passes, a lab will be able to detect the toxin again.

How to Use Quick Clear Detox Drink

For optimal results, you must consume the Quick Clear Detox Drink in a definitive manner.

Start by drinking 20 ounces of water and wait 20 minutes. Then, shake the 20-ounce bottle of Quick Clear Detox Drink well, and drink it at a comfortable pace.

After drinking the Quick Clear Detox Drink , wait for 20 minutes, then refill the bottle with water, and consume all of it at a comfortable pace. This fluid intake will induce frequent urination, which will enhance the toxin-elimination process.

Placing your Quick Clear Detox Drink in your refrigerator overnight will enhance the taste. Unless you have a sensitive stomach, try not to eat before consuming the detox drink.

The Quick Clear Detox Drink’s “clear zone” sets in about an hour after you consume the drink and water and is most effective after two hours. The clear zone lasts for about five hours, which is longer than most other detox drinks on the market.


A Quick Clear Detox Drink and eight capsules contain a proprietary blend of ingredients, including:

  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Folic acid

Other ingredients that work to detoxify your body temporarily include creatine monohydrate, gentian root, and hypericum perforate.

Does Quick Clear Detox Drink Work?

Probably the best way to determine whether a product like Quick Clear Detox Drink works is to look at reviews from people who used it in the past. According to posts on online forums, Quick Clear Detox Drink does a great job of masking toxins in a smoker’s urine.


Quick Clear Detox Drink is a popular product among smokers who have to take urine tests. The detox drink is from a reputable brand with an excellent track record.

You only get one chance at passing a drug screening. To maximize your chances of doing so, be sure to consume Quick Clear Detox Drink as instructed to deliver your urine sample while you’re in the clear zone.


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