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Hair Detox Shampoo

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Do you need to get your hair detoxed for a follicle drug test? Rescue Detox Shampoo guarantees the results you need. Buy the 2-ounce bottle and have confidence that you’ll pass any test!



Rescue Detox Shampoo Concentrate – 2oz

Follicle drug tests are more difficult to pass than urine or blood tests because there are fewer ways to affect the results. However, fudging the results can be done. If you’ve received notification that you’ll need a hair follicle drug test, the faster you prepare, the better your success rate. Rescue Detox Shampoo Concentrate is your solution in a small 2-ounce bottle. It’s affordable, and it works fast.

How does a hair follicle drug test work?

Strands of hair are cut from your head and then washed and tested in a lab to screen for drugs like opioids, methamphetamines, ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and PCP. The follicle drug test can trace drugs that have been in your system for 90 days. The follicle drug test is unaffected by washing or dyeing your hair with normal products.

Why would I need to do a hair follicle drug test?

Follicle durg testing may be part of your workplace environment’s policies. You may be required to perform one randomly during your contract, or as part of getting a promotion. These tests are also necessary for hire in a health-related sensitive environment. These tests may also be used in rehab programs, we have a guide here on what foods to avoid if taking a drug test.

How does Rescue Detox Shampoo help?

The shampoo helps by removing toxin build-up in the hair. This cleansing will also improve scalp-health.

How do you use the Rescue Detox shampoo?

For best results, first, use a quarter of the liquid to wash your hair thoroughly. Leave the shampoo on for 5 minutes and then rinse it off. While your hair is still damp, apply the rest of the shampoo and massage it thoroughly into your scalp. Leave it on again for 5 minutes before rinsing. Style your hair but WITHOUT ANY HAIR PRODUCTS and do not wear any kind of head covering. The cleansing effect of the shampoo will last up to 24 hours.

What if I just shaved my hair instead?

Shaving your head is not a good option as it attracts suspicion and causes more problems than it solves. Besides, follicles anywhere on the body can be tested, not just the scalp. And no, a full body-wax when you’ve never had one is not a good idea either!

Wash your hair with Rescue Detox Shampoo Concentrate, pass the test and get that new job of your dreams. A hair follicle drug test doesn’t make you a drug addict – unless you’re hiding something, of course. If you are on prescription medications that may affect testing, simply submit proof of your prescriptions.

If you’re simply a fan of extra clean hair, this product will do what it says on the label. Your hair and your follicle test will be squeaky clean!



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