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Rescue Cleanse 10-Day Detox Kit


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The Rescue Cleanse 10-Day Detox Kit offers advanced detoxification for people who want to rid their bodies of harmful substances or who are undergoing urine testing for elements such as nicotine or marijuana.

Toxins can remain in your body for a long time and can hamper your health in several ways. What’s more, these toxins can cause you to fail a drug screening, which can harm your career.

The good news is that there are several detoxing products available, including the Rescue Cleanse 10-Day Detox Kit. Read on to learn how this kit works with your body’s natural detoxing processes to benefit your overall health and well-being.

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Natural Detox Process

Natural detoxification is the process your body undergoes to cleanse your blood, saliva, and urine of all drug metabolites, impurities, and other environmental toxins. There are several organs and functions involved in the process, including your liver, lungs, skin, and kidneys.

Without the aid of detoxing products, complete detoxification can take several weeks, especially if you are a heavy smoker. To ensure optimal detoxing, you must stop consuming or using the substance in question, and you must follow a low-fat diet that contains grains, fiber, and vegetables. You also need to increase your water intake.

Chronic stress can slow down the detoxification process, so plan to get plenty of exercise and sleep while you’re using the Rescue Cleanse 10-day Detox Kit.

All About The Rescue Detox Pills

The natural detoxing process is a long one, even if you eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The Rescue Cleanse 10-Day Detox Kit was specially developed to speed and maximize the detoxing process.

The Rescue Cleanse 10-Day Detox Kit is similar to the 5-day kit, but it contains twice the number of morning- and evening-formula capsules. The 10-day kit is ideal for you if you weigh more than 200 pounds or experienced exposure to a particular toxin for an extended period.

The kit comes from a reputable and trusted brand, and it comprises natural ingredients to cleanse your body of harmful and traceable toxins.

Step By Step Directions for Use

All the products in this Rescue detox kit were developed in a laboratory, and each package includes four capsules for you to take the night before you start with the cleanse. The kit also contains 60 morning-formula capsules and 60 evening capsules that you will take over ten days.

Each morning of your detox, take six morning-formula pills with 32 ounces of water. In the evenings, take six of the evening-formula capsules with an additional 32 ounces of water. For best results, take the evening-formula pills one hour before you eat.

The kit also includes eight ice caps, which you will only use if you re-introduce toxins to your system or if the morning and evening capsules don’t generate complete detoxification. The ice caps temporarily mask the toxins in your system when you take them 90 minutes before you undergo a drug screening.


Does the Rescue Cleanse Detox Work?

The Rescue Cleanse 10-Day Detox Kit does an incredible job of detoxifying your blood. For optimal results, however, be sure to drink lots of water, get enough sleep, follow a healthy diet and exercise plan – and refrain from consuming any drugs that may increase your toxin intake.

What Is The Difference between the Rescue Cleanse 5 Day and 10 Rescue Detox Day Kit?

The 10 day kit contains twice the amount of morning and evening formula capsules. This 10 day kit is designed for heavier people over 200 lbs, for those with extreme toxin levels or who have been exposed to toxins over an extended period of time.

Does the 10 Day Rescue Detox Kit Contain Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors?

Rescue Cleanse Detox products don’t contain artificial sweeteners they only use natural ingredients such as fructose and Stevia Leaf to sweeten their products. Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, saccharin or sucralose can cause serious illness if consumed over extended lengths of time. No artificial flavorings are used in these detox kits, instead antioxidant rich super fruits including Green Tea, Pomegranate, Acai Berry and many others are the ingredients.

Is Detoxing Good For Your Body?

Eliminating toxins from your body will certainly improve your overall health. By eating and sleeping better, exercising and refraining from toxic substances combined with the 10 day detox kit you should feel a whole lot better in yourself.

Is Detoxing Dangerous?

While some long term detox diets can be damaging with the Rescue 10 Day Detox you are using all natural ingredients combined with a healthy lifestyle to remove toxins from your body over a relatively short period of time so there are no risks involved.

Can I still smoke or drink but less during the 10 Day Detox?

For optimal results you should stop using any toxic substances completely during the detox if you want to improve your health or pass a drug screening. If you keep smoking or drinking, the results will be invalidated and you may not complete the process of detoxification.

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

The Rescue Cleanse 10-Day Detox Kit is ideal for heavy smokers or people who weigh more than 200 pounds.


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