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Quick Test Plus Home Urine Test Kit With Test Strips


Produced by Spectrum Labs, Quick Test Plus is a 3oz synthetic urine kit also know as Quick Fix 6.2 that comes with two 10 panel test kits. Quick Test Plus is a discreet and  accurate way to test for 10 commonly abused drugs in the privacy of your own home.

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With the presence of drugs in our society, you may need to test your own urine or a 3d party. This complete home testing kit includes two 10-panel drug tests to detect the presence of Marijuana, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Phencyclidine, Methamphetamine, Oxycodone, Morphine and Benzodiazepines. Quick Test Plus kit also includes two sample collection cups and a 3 ounce bottle of laboratory grade control sample along with complete instructions.


Directions for use:

The most complicated part of home drug testing is understanding the difference between a positive and negative reading. With this kit, you use one drug test on the control sample which ALWAYS tests negative and the other test on the human sample. This provides an active comparison of the two tests to determine if the human sample is positive or negative.

Begin the testing procedure by collecting a urine sample in the clear plastic cup provided in the kit. Pour the laboratory grade control sample into the white plastic cup. Open one of the test kit pouches and remove the cap. Dip the paper tips into the liquid in the white cup for 10 – 15 seconds, liquid should not touch the plastic case. Remove the cassette and replace the cap. Wait 5 minutes then read results. Repeat these steps with the other test cassette and the urine sample in the clear plastic cup. The test results from the control sample will always read negative, comparing the test results on the urine sample and the control sample will clarify the reading.

Quick Test Plus kit contains:

  • Two 10-Panel drug tests
  • Two collection cups
  • One 3 ounce laboratory grade control sample
  • Detailed instructions


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