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Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit


This Quick Fix Pro belt kit contains:

The Quick Fix Pro belt is made of high quality fabric and medical grade vinyl. With easy preparation, the urine bladder belt can adjust up to a 38″ waist size. With a stitched velcro attachment the urine apparatus can easily be adjusted to fit your body discreetly.

– The medical-grade vinal bag will keep your synthetic urine sterile and secure when wearing.

– The non-refillable bag comes equipped with 4 ounces of Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urine, pre-loaded inside the bladder bag.

– pH balanced, creating, urea, uric acid, and gravity to name a few characteristics of this lab grade human pee.

6-hour heating pad included, to keep the urine at perfect body temp while inside the urine bag.

2 safety clamps to ensure the urine is secure from leakage.

– Single use non-refillable belt

–  1-year shelf life.

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If you’ve been stressed out about taking a urine test because you’re afraid the results will not be favorable, let the Quick Fix Urine Belt made by Spectrum Labs take the pressure off of your mind.
Quick Fix Pro Belt gives you the power to produce a urine sample that can prove to be negative. You will feel comfortable wearing the belt, and your mind will be comforted knowing that it’s 100% effective. The synthetic urine belt kit by Spectrum Labs is a product you’ll be happy you bought for many reasons. The amount of fake urine that comes with the Quick Fix Urine Belt is a full 4 ounces of lab-grade pee, and since it is premixed, there’s less for you to do and no chance of you making a mistake.
The artificial urine you get with this kit is the finest made, and because it is so similar to real urine, no one will be able to tell that it’s not real.
The bag that holds the synthetic urine is made of durable, high-quality vinyl, and it is a bag that has gone through thorough testing. This ensures that there’s no possibility of leakage.
Something else you’ll be pleased to know is nothing the Quick Fix Pro Belt is made of will cause an allergic reaction, and the urine bag contains an antibacterial substance, so there’s no chance of the development of bacteria. There are even more reasons why this product will please you.
Also, included in the kit are items that keep the artificial urine at the right temperature. One of these items is a pad that you stick to your bottle of fake urine to keep it warm. The other is a strip thermometer that indicates the temperature of your urine sample. These items are essential because when your sample is tested, its temperature must be nearly the same as the temperature of real urine. The people testing your urine will be looking to see that the temperature of the urine sample you submit meets this requirement. The expandable cotton waistband that comes with this synthetic urine belt kit makes adjusting the belt easy.
Another great feature of this product is it’s easy to conceal, so no one will notice you’re wearing it. It’s simple to use, and it is designed for fast removal. The price of this urine belt is reasonable, too. The urine included in the bag is a unisex synthetic pee and an adjustable size that fits both genders.
If you want to be ready to take a urine test, have your Quick Fix Urine Belt Kit made by Spectrum Labs ready to save the day and maybe your job. You may someday be ordered to unexpectedly have your urine tested, so you don’t want to risk failing the test. Avoid the ramifications that come with positive urine test results. Place your order as soon as possible and rest assured you’re getting the best.


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