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Quick Fix Plus 6.2 Synthetic Urine

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If you find yourself facing a urine drug test or are subject to randomized drug testing for any reason, fake urine can be an excellent solution. Quick Fix 6.2 is a popular and affordable option consisting of three ounces of laboratory-grade synthetic urine. It is produced by Spectrum Labs, a reputable brand with an excellent track record in the industry. The urine comes pre-tested and can be used directly out of the bottle—no mixing powders.

This product’s content is designed to mimic real urine with an appropriate pH, specific gravity, and level of urea. The formula used is suitable for men and women and has a realistic appearance, smell, foam content, and list of ingredients.


What Does Quick Fix Plus 6.2 Synthetic Urine Contain?

Quick Fix 6.2

Quick Fix Plus 6.2 contains a mix of specific chemicals that mimic human urine. The primary ingredients include:

– Water

– Urea

– Sodium chloride

– Potassium chloride

– Sodium phosphate

– Albumin powder

– Creatinine

The ingredients and their measurements are specially formulated to beat standard drug tests. If you manage to submit your Quick Fix sample successfully, your chances of passing the screening go up significantly.

How to Use Quick Fix Urine – Easy To Follow Guide

If you want to use Quick Fix Plus 6.2 to pass a urine test, you can choose from two methods.

Method 1

This method is also called the quick preparation method and is ideal if you know when the drug screening is scheduled.

First, place the solution in the microwave oven for around ten seconds or until the temperature strip indicates that the solution is between 90-99°F. If the temperature falls below this temperature range before the drug test, shake the heating pad that is included with your kit, and attach it to the bottle to increase the temperature back to a realistic level.

If you don’t have the heating pad with you, place the bottle in your underwear to bring the sample’s temperature back up. The closer you store the sample to your skin, the better.

Don’t keep the sample in your pocket. Testing facilities are aware of synthetic products, and you may be subjected to a body search before delivering the urine sample.

Method 2

The slow preparation method is ideal if you don’t know when you will be asked for a urine sample. If you are a regular smoker, carry the Quick Fix 6.2 Plus synthetic formula with you in your car or handbag.

The solution does not have to be refrigerated and has a shelf life of up to one year at room temperature. Keep the solution in a dark place, for example, a bag, drawer, or your car’s glove compartment.

When you are notified of a screening, remove the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine from the box, and take the heating pad you received with your kit. Apply the heating pad to the back of the bottle on the opposite side of the temperature strip with the included rubber band. Follow the instructions you receive with your kit to ensure that you don’t make a mistake.

Store the synthetic urine with the heating pad underneath your clothes to increase the sample’s temperature with your body heat. If you are not able to store the bottle close to your skin, the heating pad will increase the temperature to 90-99°F in a matter of 45 minutes. Storing the sample close to your body will speed up the heating process.

When you enter the facility, don’t place the bottle in your pocket, and give it a shake to give the sample a realistic foamy appearance.

When submitting Quick Fix 6.2 urine for your drug test, your sample must be at a realistic temperature. Labs in the United States only accept samples with temperatures between 90 and 99°F. Use the temperature strip that is attached to your bottle, and don’t skip heating the sample up properly.

Not Detectable by a Lab

Quick Fix 6.2 Plus looks and smells like real urine, and even experienced lab personal will not be able to identify your sample as a synthetic one by merely looking at it.

For obvious reasons, lab technicians don’t bother smelling samples. They do, however, subject samples to extensive testing. Labs don’t just test for waste products of illicit substances. They also check for individual chemicals that are only present in real urine.

As stated, Quick Fix Plus 6.2 contains natural ingredients that are present in human urine. There are no ingredients in it that can identify the sample as a synthetic one. Even if a lab technician suspects that a urine sample is not real, they will have a hard time proving it.

Quick Fix 6.2 also has the same pH levels and specific gravity as human urine and realistic creatine levels with uric acid and urea already mixed. A lab will not be able to identify a fake sample based on a person’s gender, either.

Purchase Your Quick Fix 6.2 Urine Today

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has been a leading brand in the United States and abroad for more than fifteen years.

Failing a drug screening can jeopardize your career, limit your earning potential, and much more depending on who is requesting the test. This is not the sort of thing you want to leave to chance—purchase your Quick Fix Plus 6.2 Synthetic Urine today to eliminate the risk of failing your drug test.


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