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Clear Choice – One Shot Concentrate


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When you need to flush toxins from your body, this herbal one-shot concentrate is the perfect solution for you.

Not only is there a 99.99% guarantee of success, but this product is easy to use—just down the drink and four herbal capsules!

Each kit comes with a quick-and-easy toolkit, including:

  • One unit of herbal one-shot concentrate
  • Four easy-to-swallow herbal capsules
  • A pleasant, unisex recipe

Out of stock


The Clear Choice – One-Shot Concentrate kit draws incredibly positive reviews from users. Customers from all across the globe are singing its praises for working wonders on testing procedures. Because synthetic urine isn’t always going to be an option for a test, you need an innovative alternative. That’s where these kits come in – and they work! If you are to get a clean urine sample without faking it, you’ll need to flush out your system altogether. Reach for the Clear Choice One-Shot Kit … and relax.

The performance records for this easy-to-use herbal supplement are staggering. With a 99.99% success rate, it’s hard to deny its effectiveness. And it’s so incredibly easy so you. Just consume the beverage and swallow four small herbal capsules. Then relax, because you’ll be in the clear.   

We’ve all heard horror stories about nasty-tasting detox drinks that don’t do what they promise. The horrific texture and the broken promises are enough to make you shun detoxes forever. But this product is different. The Clear Choice – One-Shot Concentrate Kit is not only convenient and effective, but it’s actually pretty tasty.

Many detox drinks are little more than snake oil, hustled by companies that are just trying to make a quick buck. But don’t knock all of them for the failures of a few. The sole aim of the Clear Choice One-Shot Kit is to deliver a high-quality, natural, and useful product. We want to help you continue living your best life instead of giving up everything for a single mistake.

We don’t mass-produce our products to sell as many as possible. We take the time to double- and triple-check our recipe and technique to ensure that the Clear Choice – One-Shot Concentrate Kit lives up to its promises. Give it a try, and you’ll join the global choir singing its praises for doing the trick more quickly and effectively than other cleansing products. You’ll be able to remove the toxins from your body and move on with your life.

How to Use Clear Choice – One Shot Concentrate:

To emphasize the importance of following instructions, let’s go over a quick how-to guide for this innovative cleansing product:

  1. To get the most out of it, be sure to stay away from all drugs, toxins, and unnecessary medications for 48-72 hours. No matter what type of test it is, you don’t want to risk a positive sample — especially when you have such a powerful detoxifying tool by your side.
  2. It’s essential that you closely monitor your food and liquid intake before taking Clear Choice – One-Shot Concentrate. Before consuming the concentrate, do not eat any food or drink anything for four hours. Following these rules will prepare the product to do its best work. 
  3. As for storage, keep the product refrigerated until it’s time to take it. A few hours before your test, go ahead and take the product out, shake it thoroughly, and consume the mixture as fast as possible. It’s easy to do, and not unpleasant.
  4. As soon as you drink the concentrate, take two of the herbal capsules and drink 16 ounces of water. The water will help to flush your system.
  5. After consuming the first two tablets, wait about 15 minutes, then take the last two herbal capsules with another 16-ounce glass of water. All of the liquid will help regulate the natural supplement, so it does its best to flush out toxins.
  6. Be sure to urinate as much as possible to clear your system of any remaining toxins.
  7. Finally, the Clear Choice One-Shot Kit will become effective in about one hour. After you consume the solution and capsules, you will have a five-hour window within which your urine will be clean. The closer you can take the test after that first hour, the more effective the results will be. After it’s all said and done, take a load off and pat yourself on the back. You made it through.

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