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    Meet the Peepack™, the world’s first medical grade apparatus designed specifically for storing and discretely dispersing fake urine. Premixed, loaded with three ounces of Peepack Solution™, and ready for immediate use. What's Included:
    • Peepack Bladder Apparatus
    • 3 oz Pre-mixed Unisex Urine
    • 8 Hour Air-Activated Hand Warmer
    • Durable Rubber Band
    • Durable Safety Clip
  • Sale!

    Product Description

    2 Ounces Peepack Solution™ Sterile Laboratory Grade Urine

    • One 2oz Clear Oval Plastic Bottle
    • One Cannon Top Flip Top Cap
    • One Adhesive Thermometer
    • One 8 Hour Air-Activated Hand Warmer
    • One Durable Rubber Band
    *Balanced PH, Specific Gravity, Creatinine, Urea, Uric Acid, Proteins, & Biocide Protected. *3 Year Product Life