The Art of Sneaking in Pee Undetected

Do you have a steadfast dedication to your objectives? Do you have the ability to focus on the task at hand while keeping calm – even when the stakes are high? Sneaking QuickFix products into a Urine test is not for the faint of heart, but with the right skills, you can achieve your goal.

To fill your specimen cup with fake urine, you have to take several factors into account and carry out extensive preparation. You only have one shot at passing a Urine test. Keep reading to learn how you can make it count.

Hiding Synthetic Urine for a Urine Screening – Ninja Guide

Before you can treat your urine test like a clandestine operation, you have several things to consider:

Bottle Size

The container has to be able to carry the minimum amount of fluid, but it has to be small enough so that it won’t be noticeable on your person. You also have to be able to empty the bottle with minimal movements and without delays.

Standards urine bottles have a capacity of 3 oz. You can purchase a Quick Fix 6.2 bottle with a capacity of 2 oz that is smaller than a deck of cards, but big enough to carry enough liquid for testing.

Image of a Quick Fix boxThe Weight of the Urine Kit

Your kit should be lightweight and comfortable. If your kit is too heavy, it may fall out or become loose, which can pose a problem if the lab technician is watching you closely. A heavy kit can also obstruct your movements, make it difficult to fill your specimen cup, and increase your risk of spilling.

Heat it is Producing

Heat pads are one of the most effective ways to keep your sample at the right temperature. They are easy to use and can last for around eight hours, which is enough time to increase the temperature beforehand.

The heating pad can produce uncomfortable heat against your skin, however. If you have a problem with your heating pad, consider switching to hand warmers or Quick Fix 6.2, which can be equally effective.

Clothing Options

The best way to conceal a container on your person is by wearing baggy clothing. You can also use a sock stash with long pants as long as your container is small enough to fit in the stash.

If you have a urine kit, your clothes should cover it entirely and have zippers or pockets to allow for easy access. If your clothes have a fit that is too tight, even low-profile kits and containers may give you an unnaturally bulgy appearance.


One of the frequently asked questions is if you can be watched during a test. If you are closely supervised, sneakily taking out your bottle and filling your cup is out of the question.

A technician may watch to ensure that you don’t provide a phony sample, which can complicate things a lot. A Monkey Dong kit may be your most viable option for filling a cup under supervision without having to resort to abnormal movements.

Three Fool-Proof Methods for Sneaking the Urine In

Image of product - Monkey Dong a synthetic urine belt device that is anatomically correct.Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine Device

Monkey Dong is a very suitable solution for men who want to supply a fake pee sample. This kit features an artificial urine device that delivers artificial liquid.

Since it has a realistic appearance, it is suitable for supervised tests. You can even select a kit in a color that matches your skin in case you are dealing with an invasive supervisor.

If you are not sure if you will be watched during the test, this prosthetic urinating device can definitely increase your chances of success significantly. It comes with heating pads and is one of the most strategic solutions available to men.

Leg Strap

If you are strapped for cash, a neoprene leg strap can be a viable and cost-effective option. It straps around the thigh and features a small pocket for carrying your liquid. To eliminate the risk of losing your fake pee, this synthetic urine leg strap is a suitable option as the Velcro straps wrap can wrap securely around your leg.

If the tester pats you down, the strap may be noticed if the container is not on the inside of your thigh. Leg straps work quite well in unsupervised settings.


Carrying your synthetic urine solution in your underwear is also a very practical option, as testers are unlikely to pat you down around your underwear thoroughly. To prevent the bottle from being noticed, wear baggy clothes.

Many online success stories involve people who stash their synthetic pee in their underwear and get away with it. It may be a simple solution, but it is an effective one.

What to Avoid When Smuggling in Fake Pee at the Lab

Taping the Urine Kit Around Your Leg or Abdomen

A seemingly effective way to secure your kit to your body is by taping it around your leg or abdomen. This method is not recommended as pulling it off to access the kit can arouse suspicion.

Removing the tape can be incredibly painful as well. Instead stick to leg straps or prosthetic kits, as these products are more discreet and effective in concealing your fake urine. If you are female, it would be good for you to know if does Monkey Whizz work as it can also be a viable option.

Putting the Kit in Your Pocket

Putting the kit in your pocket will get you busted. Before testing, you are required to empty your pockets. Hiding synthetic urine requires more effort and preparation. If you are serious about concealment, you will have to think creatively or invest in a kit.

Shaking the Bottle or Creating Excess Noise

Lab technicians are nosey people, and it is not uncommon for them to stand and listen for suspicious noises. Accidentally shaking the bottle or sounds of excessive fidgeting will incentivize them to inspect your person.

Knowing where to hide the DIY fake urine where it is easily accessible and manageable will allow you to fill your specimen cup without having to make too much noise. The Monkey Dong is perfect for reducing noise as you can take out the prosthetic device and fill the cup without making suspicious sounds.

Non-Supervised Urine Test

For non-supervised urine tests, urine leg straps are the recommended product for hiding fake urine. They are not only reusable but also the most comfortable and cost-effective option available.

Another benefit of a leg strap is that if the tester pats you down and you have your bottle concealed at the inside of your leg with the leg strap, chances are they will not discover the fake pee.

The problem is that you can’t predict if the test will be supervised or not. If the lab technician watches you while you fill the cup, you will not be able to access your bottle from your leg strap pocket.

Your best option is to prepare for the worst-case scenario by getting your hands on a Monkey Dong.

Supervised Urine Testing

For supervised urine testing, look no further than the Monkey Dong. This prosthetic urinating device is comfortable and is by far your best option to ensure that your fake urine won’t be discovered, even if your wife watches you.

The device is available in five colors. Choosing one with a matching color will, at first glance, look like the real thing. Unless the tester stares unashamedly and for a long time at your Monkey Dong, chances are that he will be none the wiser.

This prosthetic device is silent, and you can comfortably fill the cup without making abnormal sounds or unnecessary fidgeting.

The Monkey Dong comes with fake pee, and you don’t have to worry about anything such as purchasing fake urine elsewhere. Make sure that the Monkey Dong is fitted securely to your body and that you use natural movements when you use it.