Got a urine test coming up? Did you know that using frozen urine may increase your chances of passing? Other options you have include a synthetic product or pee from someone else.

In order to prevent bacterial growth, temperature fails, and the inclusion of sediment you must follow the process of freezing, thawing, and storing urine correctly. Passing a test with this method may seem like a challenge, especially since you likely only have one chance.

To help navigate you through the process, we did some research and read many trusted reviews to find the most effective methods and artificial brands.

Will Urine Pass a Test After it Has Been Frozen?U-pass synthetic urine kit

What Might Cause My Urine to be Frozen?

There are several ways to freeze a sample. During winter, you can leave the container in your car or on your porch. The most effective way is to put the sample in your freezer.

The freezing point depends on the chemical makeup of the liquid, which consists of water, urea, salt, and things like chloride and sodium. The salt and urea depress the freezing point of the water. This means the ordinary freezing point of pee is around -5.6°C (21ºF.)

The temperatures have to remain the same for the duration of storage to prevent layering and the formation of sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Can Synthetic Urine Work After Being Frozen?

It is one of the most commonly asked question, does synthetic urine work? Artificial urine can still work after freezing and thawing. However, since this process has some room for error, it is not actually recommended. It is also not necessary, since synthetic products have a longer shelf life than the real thing, even with storage at room temperature.

If you don’t have a trusted brand of fake fluid and you want to store it for an extended period, freezing can work by thawing it out and preparing it as usual. After warming, you have around twelve hours before the liquid starts to decompose and become unusable.

Is it Okay to Freeze Urine for a Later Time?

Yes, in fact, the liquid must be frozen if it is not being used right away or it will deteriorate. You can keep the fluid for longer than a year without the risk of bacterial growth. However, try to submit the pee for testing before six months to be on the safe side.

If your work conducts regular tests, you can store multiple bottles. However, ensure that you write the dates on the bottle. Remember not to freeze synthetic products. Often, you can hold onto it for as long as four months without freezing it.

Store Synthetic Urine at Room Temperature Only

Refrigeration of a manufactured fluid is not recommended, and you should store it at room temperature.

Storage outside a freezer will allow you to reuse it if you don’t submit it for testing. Avoid storing it for extended periods in direct sunlight as well, as the UV-rays and heat can damage the pH levels of your sample.

Real Urine

Since bodily fluids typically start breaking down immediately, put it in your freezer as soon as possible. Be sure to keep the product frozen for the duration of the storage period to prevent the need for re-heating.

Right before submitting the sample, put it in your fridge for 24 hours and then at room temperature before using a heating pad or hand warmer to get it at the right temperature. After thawing, you have a couple of hours before the fluid becomes useless.

How to Prepare a Frozen Urine Sample

Microwave Method

To use this method, you need to find a glass bottle or any plastic container that is microwave oven-friendly. This is the fastest method, as it is not necessary to warm the sample for more than ten seconds before it is ready for testing.

Heat the sample only once and use a hand warmer to keep it at the right temperature.

Heating Pad Method

If you don’t have access to a microwave, a heating pad will be sufficient. This is the slowest heating method and can take as long as 45 minutes. While heating the frozen urine, shake it regularly to prevent layering and sediment formation at the bottom of the container.

Car Dash Heater

This heating method can work if you have no other choice. Placing the bottle on your car’s dash to warm it up is not recommended, however, as direct sunlight can damage the pH levels of the fluid. You also don’t have the same level of control over the temperature as with other methods.

urine in a container for testingIs Synthetic Urine Better than Real Human Pee?

Fake Urine is Produced in a Lab Setting and Pre-tested

Artificial urine mimics all the components and has the same molecular structure as natural samples. Fake specimens also feature the same properties, including pH balance, specific gravity, color, proteins, and creatine.

Synthetic products are used for machine calibration and testing. They are, on a molecular level, impossible to distinguish from the real thing. As far as accurate readings are concerned, it is better for urine testing than real human pee.

The Shelf Life is Much Longer Than 2 Years

After purchasing products like Quick Fix 6.2, you can put in your nightstand and leave it there until the day of testing. The shelf life of synthetic pee is typically much longer than two years, and it is not even necessary to freeze it.

With frozen urine, you have to navigate through a minefield of issues, and your chances of passing are significantly lower than if you use fake pee.

Synthetic Urine can be Re-heated Without Breaking Down

After being frozen for months on end, when exposed to air, frozen pee will deteriorate quickly. However, the pH balance, creatine, and specific gravity of fake products will remain intact after reheating.

Even if you heat and cool your synthetic sample on a daily basis, the validity of your sample is highly unlikely to be compromised. If you are planning on reheating the liquid regularly, use leg straps or heating pads.

Proven Brands with Reputable Reviews

According to hundreds of reviews from athletes, applicants, and employees on online forums, products like Quick Fix 6.2 and Monkey Whizz work much better than natural pee to pass urine screenings.

Some people were able to start earning an income, because passing the tests meant meeting pre-employment requirements.

Submitting a sample for a test can be a stressful experience, especially if you want to maintain the temperature of a hidden container that may or may not already reached a fatal degree of decomposition.

The use of subbing urine can be equally challenging, as you have to get it from someone of the same gender and go through an extensive process of freezing and thawing the fluid. You also have to use an appropriate container.

Synthetic alternatives are reliable. Since they are less susceptible to deterioration during temperature fluctuations and exposure to air, you don’t have to go to a lot of effort to keep their properties intact. Additionally, an MRO is not likely to distinguish it from natural pee.

With modern applied sciences, why risk using someone else’s pee or an old frozen pee kit. Purchase a new fake urine kit to pass.