Do you have a urine test that stands between you and a new job, competition or school program? If you are a regular smoker or if you recently consumed cannabis, producing your own sample to pass a drug test almost guarantees failure.

In recent years, synthetic urine products became a popular option for smokers who have to submit to urine testing, and many people who went this route are vocal about their success. However, testing companies are increasingly becoming aware of the widespread use of fake pee products, and they are increasingly implementing measures to detect the use of artificial samples.

In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at fake urine, and if it still works to pass tests screenings. We will also discuss reputable brands, suppliers, questions you have to ask beforehand, and lab testing. If you are considering using a substitute, keep reading to learn if it is a viable option to pass a self administered drug screening.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Fake pee is designed in a laboratory by a chemist, to mimic the characteristics, chemical properties, and composition of human urine. Since it contains all the right components, it is not even distinguishable from the real thing at a microscopic level. Apart from the ingredients, synthetic pee also has the same pH level, gravity, and color as natural samples.

There are several forms of artificial products available, including dried powders and mixable substances. The products also vary in terms of shelf-life, ingredients, and cost. When you purchase synthetic urine, you will receive it in the form of synthetic urine kits with user instructions.

Usually, you will have to mix the substance and heat the content in order to have a fluid that will pass off as pee, which leaves your body at around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t warm your sample to the appropriate temperature, it can be a clear indication that you are cheating and using fake pee.

Contents of Fake Pee

Artificial pee contains all the major components you would find in real urine, including:

– Creatinine
– Sulfates
– Uric Acid
– Urea
– Ammonia

In addition to the ingredients, manufacturers also produce artificial products that have a realistic yellowish color without adding colorants or other content that a lab test may detect. If the sample color is not natural, you will fail a surface inspection.

Uric acid is an essential component of the best synthetic urine as labs always test for its presence. When purchasing a fake sample, check the label to ensure that it contains uric acid, especially if you are buying a cheap product.

During the manufacturing process, chemists in laboratories will add minimal levels of creatinine, usually between 0.8mg/dL and 1.0 mg/dL as creatine levels for men and women overlap in this range.

Urea is a by-product of the breakdown of protein and can break down further to form ammonia. Sulfate is the metabolic end product of hydrogen sulfate. All three of these ingredients have to be present in the sample.

Reputable Brands that Manufacture Fake Pee

Quick Fix 6.2

Quick Fix boxQuick Fix 6.2 is an artificial solution that is produced by Spectrum Labs, a reputable company and one of the leading manufacturers of synthetic solutions in the country. It is a popular brand for several reasons.

For one, it is the only product on the market that can be heated and cooled daily without losing its authenticity. It will also keep its chemical structure when you freeze it. Quick Fix 6.2 is formulated to be completely indistinguishable from human samples, and if you to optimize your chances of success, you can’t go wrong with this product.

Serious Monkey Bizzness

Serious Monkey Bizzness is the second largest company in the market after Spectrum Labs and is the creator of Monkey Whizz. The company also goes the extra mile to make sample delivery easier with their urination devices that include a dong, whizz, and flask.

They also have a belt fitted with a sample container on the inside. The sample container has a little pipe that you can use to fill your specimen cup. Since the container is in contact with your skin, it is also easier to keep warm.

The chemical structure is formulated to ensure that you pass, provided that your sample was accepted.

Why You Might Need a Urine Substitute

School Program Testing

Medical schools or other learning institutions for doctors, dentists, or clinical workers conduct tests to ensure that students are not under the influence of illicit or illegal substances, including medical marijuana.

Most medical institutions have to ensure that individuals who provide healthcare to patients meet the relevant requirements to maintain compliance with their accreditation. Apart from medical institutions, other school programs may carry out testing as well.

As someone that attends one of these schools, you have to pass your urine screening to remain in the program. If you consume cannabis or other illegal substances regularly, you may need a substitute sample.

New Job Pre-employment

Can I fail drug test If i consume CBD? Generally speaking, employers don’t want their employees to be frequent users of recreational substances out of fear that it can inhibit performance or reflect poorly on the company. If you apply to a company that has a policy about illicit substances, you may have to undergo testing.

Passing a test is, in most cases, a prerequisite for employment. If you don’t pass the test, you will automatically lose the position you want. In this case, you may need a substitute sample to pass and continue with your application process.

Insurance Screening

Many life insurance companies do not allow current drug users to purchase life insurance. During a life insurance medical exam, you will have to undergo a urine test by submitting a pee sample.

Insurance companies typically test for the following substances:image of a synthetic pee

– Methamphetamine
– Cocaine
– Marijuana or Tetrahydrocannabinol
– Nicotine
– Barbiturates
– Opiates

If you have recently consumed cannabis or if you regularly smoke tobacco that contains nicotine, you will need to submit a fake sample, if you want to get a good life insurance rate.

Sports Career

Testing is an integral part of professional sports careers like UFC as well as amateur sports. Since athletes can be subject to testing at any time, it is not always possible to have a synthetic solution available, but before competitions, there may be scheduled testing.

In some cases, a representative such as a team doctor or coach may be asked to deliver the sample, so you may have the opportunity to prepare and submit a fake solution.

Parental Court Testing

In the case of a legal proceeding involving matters like child custody, a parent may have to submit a urine sample for testing. The argument is that a parent that is under the influence of an illicit substance is not able to carry out their parental duties and protect the rights and interests of their children.

Urine testing is often court-ordered as the result of a claim by an interested party. Drugs typically included in this type of testing include marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine. The outcome of a test can often influence the result of a court order or custody agreement.

Safe Place to Acquire Fake Piss

Online Stores

An online store may be your best option for purchasing fake pee. Businesses that sell their products online will typically be able to send the synthetic urine straight to your front door. Many reputable sellers are online, including and

Purchasing fake urine online is not only discreet and fast, but you will also be able to read reviews from the previous buyer to gauge the quality of the samples. In some cases, you may also receive your money back if the liquid did not pass the test.

Head Shops

Novelty stores like smokers’ stores, hubbly bubbly shops, and other local business may have synthetic urine in stock. This option is not entirely ideal as it is not as discreet as online stores, and you may not have enough information on the authenticity of the liquid before purchasing.

If the head shop has products from Serious Monkey Bizzness or Spectrum Labs, however, it may be your best option.

From a Friend

Many people submit samples they received from friends or acquaintances. Since you have no history on these samples, using them is not recommended. A sample can be old or tampered with, and you will have no way of knowing.

Since you only have one shot at producing a sample, instead spend the money and time to purchase a high-quality product and rest assured that you are not giving your friend’s pee for testing.

Top 4 Questions When Subbing Urine

Can a Lab Detect This Stuff?

nurse testing urine sampleNo. With modern technology, synthetic urine is entirely undetectable. A urine substitute has the same contents as real urine and contains no artificial ingredients or colorants that can give it away.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you will definitely pass your test. If the testing official is suspicious, your sample could still fail. If the sample expired or if the temperature is too high or low, your urine may also draw suspicion.

In addition to purchasing a high-quality product, you also have to go through preparation and refrain from freezing or heating the liquid repeatedly.

What is the Shelf Life of Fake Urine?

Depending on the brand, or if you’ve followed our guide how to make fake urine, fake pee can have a shelf life or one to two years. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the storage procedures to maximize the shelf-life of your urine substitute, especially if you’re subject to randomized testing.

Freezing synthetic pee is not recommended as it can compromise the chemical structure and diminish your chances of passing the test. Don’t put the fake pee in your refrigerator or direct sunlight. Nightstand drawers are often the best place for storing these products.

Can They Detect Gender in a Fake Urine Sample?

Sex is not taken into account during testing to protect the rights and privacy of transgender people. This point is good news for people who use subbing urine from someone of the opposite sex, as it can’t be used to fail your test.

In any case, most synthetic urine creatinine levels are within an acceptable range for both males and females, so you are safe as far as gender detection is concerned.

Does Fake Urine Have a Pee Smell?

Fake pee has all the same ingredients as real urine, so it has the same smell as well. Some products do a better job of smelling and looking like the real deal.

Monkey Whizz, for example, doesn’t only have a realistic smell, but it contains foam as well. If you fear that there may be a smell test, this brand may be the most viable option for you.

Synthetic Urine Continues to Work in 2020

Although testing facilities and companies are actively on the lookout for synthetic urine products, there are many people that, to this day, claim in online forums that, thanks to using fake pee, they successfully applied for jobs, school programs, or sporting events.

The biggest challenge is that you have to fill the specimen cup in circumstances where you have limited privacy while ensuring that the temperature of the sample is correct. To increase your chances of success, stick to reputable brands like Quick Fix 6.2 or Monkey Whizz and spend some time to prepare.

If you have to pass a self administered urine test, using synthetic urine product can increase your chances of passing significantly.

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