Consuming cannabis can help you relieve chronic pain, beat depression, improve sex life, and maintain a healthy weight. Despite a large number of medical benefits, you might want to limit CBD consumption and detox from it.

Regular cannabis users detox in case of job interviews, driving school test, or potential drug tests ( e.g., at work). If you are about to pass an employment drug test, you should be given at least three days notice.

There are a few effective methods that can help you flush marijuana out of the system. Besides natural ways, you can also try to detox with the help of herbal ingredients and B-vitamins.

Here you can find a list of ways to detox from cannabis in a short time:


According to research, THC is stored in fat cells. So, in order to flush a small amount of drug toxins from your body, consider reducing fat’s levels. To burn fat fast, start strength training, follow a high-protein diet and cut down on refined carbs.

Also, you should increase your cardio (try swimming, walking, cycling, running).

To help yourself sweat more, consider going to a sauna. Keep in mind that just sitting in a sauna will not help you to detox. However, it can be pretty effective in case it’s combined with a healthy diet and workout sessions.

Stay hydrated

To get marijuana out of your body, you should drink more than 2.00 mL of water throughout the day. To make yourself urinate more frequently, drink green tea and cranberry juice.

To learn what can influence detection time, check out the infographic below:

How To Detox From Marijuana Infographic