False Positive Results From CBD?

As medical marijuana products become legal, as well as socially acceptable, more people from all walks of life are finding out what this substance can do for them.  In this vein, products that contain the CBD derived from the marijuana plant are becoming more popular. False positive CBD

We’ll look today at CBD products and, specifically, whether you’ll fail a drug test if you seek out the medicinal properties of this powerful substance. Regrettably, the short answer is “yes” – but there’s a solution to that problem in the form of synthetic urine.

What Is CBD?

Marijuana contains a mind-altering chemical compound called THC, which causes the user to feel high. However, in addition to THC, marijuana contains 483 other compounds, including 65 cannabinoids like THC. Cannabidiol – CBD for short – is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. This means it won’t get you stoned.

CBD is frequently and effectively used to treat a broad range of medical conditions from MS and arthritis to diabetes and epilepsy. Reportedly, it can alleviate depression and help you sleep. Beyond this, a number of academic research centers in America and further afield are investigating the possibility of CBD being used to treat cancer. Unfortunately, in most places, laws aren’t changing quickly enough to keep pace with the development of non-intoxicating and medically beneficial CBD products. If you’re not careful, CBD drug testing might cost you your job or your driving license.

What Are the Different Types of CBD?

CBD comes in a range of different forms. Firstly, if you’re a hardened smoker and you live in a state where marijuana is being openly sold, you can get strains developed with high levels of CBD – as high as 30%. These strains also contain significant amounts of THC, though. Since the risks of smoking are now impossible to ignore, most people want a safer method of delivery. After all, it’s pretty pointless trying to save your health in one way only to suck down unfiltered joints that wreak havoc on your lungs. There’s also the issue of the effects smoking high-CBD cannabis strains have on a drug test.

If you still wish to benefit from CBD, there are 3 principal alternatives to smoking. What is CBD?

  • CBD Pills
  • CBD Drops
  • CBD Vape

The pills and drops are hemp-based and contain lower amounts of CBD, along with mere traces of THC. You can vape CBD oils just like you’d use a regular vape with nicotine juice. You can also buy dedicated all-in-one CBD vape pens.

Yes! CBD Can Be Detected In a Drug Test?

You may experience a positive drug test because you’ve consumed CBD, but you need to understand that it’s not the CBD itself that’s responsible for a failed test.Drug screenings only look for the cannabinoid. In fact, when people refer to a “CBD urine screen,” what they’re actually talking about is a THC urine screen. After all, since CBD is not psychoactive, neither employers nor law enforcement agencies are looking for CBD during screening. That said, you can fail a drug test even if you think you’ve just been using CBD, rather than an illicit drug. Remember that smoking strains of marijuana that have elevated CDB levels will also give you a side serving of THC, which can directly cause you to fail THC/CBD drug testing.

You might think that’s fine since you have no intention of smoking, and that CBD oil must be safe since it has only a trace amount of THC. This is not entirely accurate. Even though hemp-based CBD products contain just 0.3% THC, this still presents a slim chance of triggering a positive reading during screening. Beyond this, no CBD products sold over-the-counter are FDA-approved. This opens the floodgates for unscrupulous companies to peddle products that may not actually be CBD at all. This puts you at risk for failing a drug test.

There’s another variable, too, that needs to be taken into account. While the average CBD user only consumes up to 160 milligrams of CBD each day, if you take 1,000 milligrams, this could easily trigger a CBD false positive. To summarize, as many as 10% of all CBD users risk testing positive for THC, even if they had no intention of using it and only sought medical benefits rather than wanting to get high.

What Products Can Be Used To Pass a CBD Screening?

Fortunately, if you feel you might be part of this 10% and your employer conducts a screening, whether hair or urine testing, you can buy a solution just as simple as you can buy CBD products with your medical marijuana card. synthetic peeWhether you’re a committed smoker or you have only been taking cannabis oil for chronic pain, you’ll certainly have at least one thing in common, and that’s avoiding a positive test.

Since urine screens are by far the most common method of testing for marijuana metabolites, it makes sense to sidestep these intrusive urine tests by investing in products like synthetic urine which can see you pass with flying colors instead of losing your job or being reduced to public transport after failing a roadside test for THC over the holiday season.

If you feel you might be subject to a workplace test involving hair samples, you can also find detox kits that can help flush your system and minimize your chances of testing positive for marijuana.

Monkey Whizz Synthetic Urine.

Monkey Whizz synthetic urine is one of the strongest products in a glutted market. The color, smell, and chemical composition closely mimic real urine. It’s getting harder to pass urine screening with fake pee, but Monkey Whizz gives you the best possible chance to pass a urine test.

To avoid any fiddling around under test conditions, you’ll get a full flask kit along with a heating pad so your Monkey Whizz comes out at the same temperature as real urine. Crucially, it also contains uric acid. With a two-year shelf life and a very reasonable price-point, our urination devices will help you stride into that testing booth confident of passing, however much CBD or THC you’ve consumed.


While CBD itself will not be the factor that causes you to fail a drug test, you can see that whether you smoke medical marijuana, consume hemp-based CBD oils, or even vape, you’ll still be acutely at risk of a positive THC test. You’ll hear advice ranging from flushing your system with water to drinking cranberry juice and even vinegar. Choosing synthetic urine, though, is the most reliable way of navigating the minefield of drug screening. Yes, consuming CBD can cause you to fail a test, but you can easily avoid that by making a modest investment in the right product. passed your CBD screening