Can fake urine expire

There are many reasons to have fake urine lying around your home or apartment. Maybe you are a regular smoker who is often tested at work or who smoked once before realizing you need to take a physical to make it on a sports team. You could even have it around to play a prank on some friends.


The million-dollar question is, “Does fake urine expire?”


When you have a job, parole, or another significant opportunity at stake, it is best to make sure you have synthetic urine that up to the task. To ensure you have all the information you need to pass your urine test, know all the ins and outs of sneaking in pee undetected, we’ve listed everything you need to know about the expected expiration of fake urine.

What Is Fake Urine?

Fake urine is an artificial liquid designed to simulate the appearance and composition of real pee. It is most frequently used for people who cannot produce a clean sample. The best fake urine in the industry is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, boasting impressive passing rates of 99.99 percent on average.


When it comes to fake urine, realism is everything. That is why companies like Quick Fix and UPass include elements like urea, creatinine,[1] and proteins in their products, which are the same components found in human pee. They even mimic the same musty odor and leave their synthetic urine slightly foamy on top.


Fake urine such as Upass synthetic urine kit contains many of the same chemical properties as genuine pee; which includes the same pH levels [2], as well as specific gravity [3]. You can use fake urine regardless of your gender, too.

How to Store Fake Urine?

how to store fake pee

Like most other products, fake urine has a limited shelf life. Research suggests that fake pee can stay viable for up to three years, but this is dependent on several factors. The duration is heavily contingent on the proper storage conditions, for example.


You should only open and use the fake pee when necessary. You do not want to re-heat or re-cool it regularly. That kind of instability can lead to contamination, which quickly ruins the quality of the sample.


Similarly, it is important to keep the fake urine in a cool, dry place. The refrigerator or freezer are ideal, as they will preserve essential traits like the pH and specific gravity. Leaving the sample in direct sunlight for a long time, however, will cause contamination.


Having sterile containers is also essential. Even trace amounts of bacteria on the inside of the walls can be problematic for the viability of the sample. If possible, wash and then sterilize the containers before use.


If you have any doubts about the storage conditions, feel free to run a validity strip. These strips test for essential elements in the quality of fake urine. If the pH, creatinine, and urea levels are stable, then the product will pass a urine test.


One of the best things you can do for your urine samples is to label them. Whenever you put them into storage, write down a date on the exterior saying when it was bottled or opened. It is the most logical way to know precisely when it is set to expire.

Signs That the Fake Urine Has Gone Bad

Does synthetic urine expire? Yes, even if the fake urine is appropriately stored.


Unless you remember the date on which you purchased the synthetic urine, the odds are that you won’t know precisely when it will expire. Here are a couple of things look for before using the sample again.


Fake urine has a musty smell to emulate the real thing. That smell will transform into something rotten or spoiled, though, when the synthetic urine expires. If you detect an unfamiliar odor, it is best to throw the sample away and use a new batch.


Does synthetic urine products work? Proper sealing can go a long way toward extending the life of your fake urine. If the synthetic pee encounters oxygen, it can oxidize the sample and ruin it. Having a tight cover will improve sterilization, too. Otherwise, you might start to notice bacteria or other growth.

Final Thoughts

The short answer is yes; synthetic pee does expire. Like other products, there is a specific shelf life before the fake pee ceases to function as an effective substitute. We strongly advise against using old or contaminated samples, as this can trigger a suspicious result on a urine test.


There are many things you can do to extend the life of your synthetic urine samples, though, including refrigeration and freezing. Keep the fake pee is out of direct sunlight and seal it tightly. If you notice an odd smell or any bacterial growth on the inside of the container, throw out the synthetic urine and click on to our online store.


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