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Alice Houston worked as a medical secretary for 3 years, where she honed her fast typing skills and found that she had a passion for learning about medical topics such as anatomy, physiology and nutrition. She came to the conclusion that she liked the idea of writing about medical subjects, rather than working at a Doctor's surgery, and embarked on a quest to become a full-time writer. Her ability to write about technical medical subjects in a simple way that anyone can understand has resulted in her becoming a much in demand writer. By writing about the benefits of using Buy Fake Urine’s quality products, she wants to help as many people as possible move forward in their lives and pass their urine drug tests. She believes that the laws haven’t really caught up in regard to drug testing. When she's not writing for us, she is busy writing and testing recipes for the Ultimate Keto Diet Mexican Cookbook. She keeps herself in shape with yoga classes and weekend hiking trips.