Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work for a Hair Drug Test?

While drug tests are getting progressively typical in work, finishing and passing a drug test is possible through some fundamental strategies. Among the least difficult decisions, you can even use promptly accessible home cures! One of the most effective methods for detoxing for a medication test, especially a hair drug test, is by making good use of apple juice vinegar.

Individuals use apple juice vinegar (ACV) as a home solution for various purposes. There is even a conviction that ACV can assist you with finishing a medication assessment. We should have a more critical gander at this conviction and see whether it’s actual or not.

The Apple juice vinegar Detox Technique

Individuals who trust apple juice vinegar to cover their medication use accept that it works since it cleans pee of any hints of medication metabolites. Cleaner pee implies that you have a superior possibility of a negative medication test result.

With this well-known ACV detox technique, you can use it on the same day you are going for the test. Individuals like it since they can make use of this technique to quickly go through a drag assessment without prior warning.

Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Hair Drug Test

The Science behind this Strategy

The case is that an apple juice vinegar drink scrubs THC from your body since it makes an acidic medium. I don’t get this’ meaning? Your body discharges in any event 15-20% of the THC as the acidic urinary metabolite (11-Nor-9-carboxy-Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol), which implies that you need an acid domain to dispose of these undesirable substances. ACV assists in making such a condition.

The essential fixing is, obviously, apple juice vinegar. It’s suggested that you get a crude, unfiltered, and natural form of the vinegar from a brand, for example, Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.

If you are an overwhelming user of marijuana, you might need to consider using the apple juice vinegar with different items. Don’t hesitate to peruse the site for any thoughts of cures, for example, the Macujo Method (which utilizes the vinegar in a mix with different items) that can help your odds of breezing through this assessment effortlessly.

Simple Instructions

The procedure for this strategy is necessary and direct.

  1. Just like the case with most detox techniques, the ideal approach to begin is to quit ingesting drugs for a particular timeframe. Note that the more extended the period, the more grounded your odds of passing the test.
  2. This step depends on what nature of user you are. If you are a light user, wash the hair with around 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar and massage pretty well into the scalp. Only move to step 3 if you are a substantial user or proceed from Step 4 if you are a light or occasional user.
  3. Apply and thoroughly massage the vinegar into the hair and scalp together with products and (or) methods, for example, the Macujo strategy (mentioned earlier) and adhere to the instructions.
  4. Leave the vinegar for 30 minutes and wear your shower cap.
  5. Wash and flush the vinegar out of the hair.

In case you want to, you can re-do this procedure for a couple of washes. As far as harm to your hair is concerned, apple juice vinegar can make the hair look more brilliant; however, more frequent use can make it hard as well. Accordingly, this is just an issue with long haul use.

Hair Recovery after Detox

After detoxing your hair, you may feel like you have caused so much damage; it will never be the same again unless you have used Clear Choice shampoo hair detox. Now is the time to get your hair back to the natural way it should be.

You will not want to be using any chemicals or heat on your hair until it is fully repaired. You may be noticing that it is dry and breaking comfortable. It is time to rescue your hair and scalp.

One of the easiest and effective ways to enhance the condition of your hair is to use olive oil. Take olive oil and pour it into a mug. Heat the oil in the microwave until it is nice and warm.

Massage the oil into the hair and scalp, making sure to work the oil to the bottom. Wrap your hair in a plastic shower cap or towel. Let the oil sit for about 30-45 minutes.

Wash your head using a very gentle shampoo such as Rescue Detox hair shampoo and make sure to condition it. This may have to be repeated a few times before you notice a change.

During this time, try not to use anything on your hair. Even hairsprays can contain alcohol that can cause further damage.


There you have it; Apple Cider Vinegar is an effective and speedy way of detoxing your hair. It’s a popular method because you don’t need a lot of time to get the much-needed confidence to have your drug test carried out.